October 23, 2015

Dominique Ansel's Eight Course Dessert Tasting Menu

The inventor of the famous ‘Cronut’, Dominique Ansel is at it again and this time he's come up with an ambitious eight-course tasting menu. The best part is that the courses are all desserts.


The menu is served to just eight lucky diners at a time, a few times a week, in the test space above Dominique Ansel Kitchen, called ‘U.P.’, which is short for “unlimited possibilities,” Dominique Ansel  after-hours dessert-only tasting experience...

The menu’s theme is said to revolve around “firsts”: For example, for “first kiss”, Ansel served roasted peanut water and cream soda pearls. For “first heartbreak”, a version of baked Alaska with Valrhona Guanaja bitter almond ice cream was served with meringue.

The experience will cost $85 per person, with an additional $45 for drink pairings.

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