August 18, 2015

Duo Big Bold Taste, Less Gunk

Much like a French press, Duo’s brewing chamber lets coffee grounds hang out in hot water for a full immersion and robust extraction. Unlike the French press, Duo’s double filter ensures no gunk at the bottom of your cup.



While maintaining the crispness of a pour-over, Duo also eliminates the tedious, manual process involved with pour- over methods. There’s no worrying about under- extracting coffee and ending up with sad, brown water. Just...


Duo’s primary filter holds the coffee and prevents most grounds from entering the lower chamber. Once you pour water in, it takes about 4 minutes for coffee to brew. The stage-one basket filter and secondary disk filter are both stainless steel, and removable for easy clean-up.


Release grounds from the upper brewing chamber by twisting Duo’s top. Any stray coffee grounds that wiggle their way through the primary filter are removed by the much finer stage-two filter.


Hanging out in the glass carafe of the bottom chamber, your coffee can sit without fear of over-extraction. Duo makes up to 24 ounces so you can enjoy with your friends!

Categories: Food Gadgets


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