May 09, 2021

Eater's guide to dining in Baltimore

For years Baltimore has been overlooked by food lovers. There is a common misconception that the only thing of quality you can eat in this city is crabs. Of course, there is nothing wrong with them, and we are not trying to offend seafood fans. But sometimes, there is just this craving that drives you to try, taste and experience different foods, and Baltimore does not disappoint. Last year was a big crisis for the restaurant world, with so many businesses closing their doors for good. However, in January, finally, some good news -  dining in Baltimore is open for business. As of this moment, they are open to 50% capacity in the outdoor section and 25% for indoor. As you can see, there have been some changes for the good, but trying to keep up and stay informed is almost impossible. So check out our list of the best and tastiest spots to eat in Baltimore right now. 

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Best beef spot in Baltimore

A proper guide to dining in Baltimore has to start with Maryland's national dish – pit beef. They are everywhere but finding the best one is the holy grail for food lovers. This dish has a long history, and in all that time, it has been served in the most interesting places, from church parking lots to roadside shacks. If you are just passing through or visiting Baltimore, you cannot leave before experiencing this simple but mouth-watering dish. It might not be a part of cooking trends that will define the culinary culture, but its long history is something to be proud of. For the best experience, head to the Pioneer Pit Beef. Now do not get distracted by the look of the place, as it is a literal shed. Monday to Saturday, they are open till 5 pm, which makes it perfect for lunch. Condiments are simple and do not overwhelm the taste of the meat. 

Woodberry Kitchen

In historic Clipper Mill, there is a real gem of the culinary world of dining. It was opened in 2007 by Spike and Amy Gjerde, and since then, it has been in all the major food magazines as the number one place to experience a taste of true culinary heritage. What sets this place well above the others is the quality of their ingredients. For years they have worked on supporting the local farmers and producers. The result – everything on the plate is fresh and locally grown. But visitors beware once you taste their cuisine, you will be tempted to get in touch with Allstate Moving and Storage and move to Baltimore permanently. Woodberry has an almost unnatural knack for elevating the simple ingredients and making dishes that explode on your taste buds. 

The true taste of crab cakes

As already mentioned, crab cakes are the national treasure and have a special place in the heart of Baltimore. Although many places brag that theirs is the number one cake, there is only one true king- Jimmy's Famous Seafood. Open since 1974, this place has had its up and downs and has managed to stay on top. Some people read tips for ensuring their food business is successful, but others spend decades perfecting their dishes through try and error. It is what made Jimmy's famous not only in Baltimore but in the state of Maryland. They guarantee the freshest ingredients that they fly in daily. Here you can try crabs delicacies in all shapes and sizes, from hot steamed crabs to the famous crab cakes.

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A pub that will tempt you to move

A perfect meal is not complete without a pint of a good bear. Some pubs in Baltimore will tempt you to move here and make Baltimore your permanent residence. And why not? Let us look closer at the Ale Mary’s. As soon as you cross the threshold, you are hooked to the smell and taste of this pub. It is a somewhat strange place, decorated with religious iconography, but nobody is complaining because it works perfectly. The cheeky attitude is what makes this place packed on the weekend Bloody Mary brunch. If you are not sure what to order, the absolute favorite is the Saints & Sinners Sandwich. So contact your local movers, and have your belongings professionally packed and transported to Fells Point. With their help, you will relocate to a new neighborhood quickly, efficiently, and stress-free. That way you will have enough free time to explore other pubs in this neighborhood.

Oldest pizza place in Baltimore

You cannot think about pizza without mentioning Italy. But when you visit Matthew's Pizza, this is not the case. This place is somewhat different than the competitors because they serve unique Greek-style pizza. Nowhere in the world will you find such an interesting fusion of two completely different cousins. And the best of all – it works! It is truly one of the rare quality restaurants worthy of planning travel to. It was opened in 1943 and what helped it survive was a truly ingenious way of cooking pizza. Instead of thin crust, you serve the pizza in a pan. The outer layer is thick and crunchy, covered in all the best ingredients. However, instead of a regular take-out box, you will get yours in butcher's paper.

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Dining in Baltimore is a unique experience

The best way to experience dining in Baltimore is to go out and explore. From high-end restaurants to food trucks, this place has something for everybody. While they value their past and have a strong traditional kitchen, they are not afraid to experiment. You can easily find fusion dishes that combine two different styles. Also, the city has a rich ethnic diversity present in its cooking. So whether you crave a taste of Thai or Mexican, some of the best restaurants in the world are located right here in Baltimore.


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