February 09, 2016 Milan Italy Europe

Evvivo Pandolia: The Panettone Kingdom

It's a small place with no name or sign, in a young neighborhood facing a Gelateria shop and another of street food potato place, it's where superb panettone are produced, a taste like you've never tried before, a must try as soon as you arrive in Milan.


Written and described in Italian all over the net, finding about this shop was not easy. I didn't know what to expect until the door opened to panettone heaven. Several choices of panettone, each in a different box, recycled carton boxes colorfully decorated, choices like coffee and chocolate, balsamic, cranberry, organic olive oil and more. Small boxes, conventional serving sizes and some huge ones for large family gatherings.


Light wood, calm, dimmed lights and a man speaking French and English describes his masterpieces with such dedication and attention. He made us taste all the flavors before we bought the only mini ones he had left.

One of them is not to be missed: The delicious panettone with extra virgin olive oil is prepared with simple ingredients, free from flavorings and preservatives. A long, natural leavening process, using only mother yeast, makes the product particularly soft and rich in taste, as well as digestible. It contains 70% less saturated fat and a lower quantity of sugar compared to a traditional butter Panettone.


Fluffy and airy, tender and soft, a light envelope with extras like raisins or chocolate chips which add rich flavors of enjoyment. I was expecting something dry wrapped in a box... But wait until you had your first bite. Amazing! Not even close to those commercial panettone we buy at supermarkets.

What finesse, texture, aromas, I devoured two on my own. You can't imagine how great the taste is.

This is where the real taste of panettone is. See you in Milan.





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