October 25, 2020

Famous Architect Frank Gerhy Designs Hennessy X.O. 150th Anniversary Decanter
Non-smokers friendly

Renowned architect Frank Gehry has partnered with Hennessy X.O. to design a limited-edition bottle for the cognac’s 150th anniversary, The bottle comes with a decanter inspired by the culture and landscape of Cognac, France.


Reported in Forbes, Gehry, known for his deconstructivist style a movement in postmodern architecture where design elements look fragmented or purposefully disjointed, created this decanter using these same elements. The decanter is a mini masterpiece inspired by the birthplace of Hennessy X.O., with its rich soil and location on the Charente River. Together he fuses gold and glass to mimic the surface texture of the Charente River flowing over rocks.


“The decanter retains the underlying shape of the emblematic Hennessy X.O. bottle but has a strikingly different surface texture of crumpled, shimmering gold and a translucent glass glorifier—a combination that evokes the waters of the Charente River flowing over the rocks,” said Frank Gehry. 

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