May 29, 2016 Amman Jordan Middle East

Fatatri Amman: Literally The Best Giant Fatayer I've Ever Had

Phone Number: +962 6 463 0009

Address: 21 Rainbow Street, Jabal Amman, Amman, Jordan ( 8AM - 2AM)


Price Range: 5-20 $

It's more of a dream and surely not simple food. The fatayer are WAW on all fronts, the thin dough, the way he prepares it, its taste, generous filling, shape... It is a whole experience I will remember for so long.


It's a restaurant, a fast food that prepares Fatayer. A dough made of flour, water and salt and worked again and again to become so thin and transparent, it takes the size of a large table before he wraps it up one side on the other and fills it with cheese.

The four cheese is impeccable: The quality of the cheese used which explodes out of the wrap, its oil and intense taste filled inside this multi layered dough that crunches like a Mille Feuille.


The halloum used is shredded, filled inside with tomatoes, olives and mint leaves then baked. Oh my God! Never had something like that in my life. The different flavors and equilibrated textures will put a smile on your face.

Best for last, now is tahina and molasses time, the same dough is baked as is without any filling, it becomes fluffy and airy like a biscuit before adding the ingredients on it while it's cold. Crispy crunchy fresh and the mix of tahina and molasses (debes) is to die for. Bravo a hundred times.


You pass by the place and don't even consider it but wait until you've tried their fatayer. Amazement guaranteed. I was amazed, I was shocked, I was astonished and I'll surely be coming back. A franchisable concept one should get to lebanon.






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