December 28, 2015 Dubai UAE GCC Middle East

Five Guys Dubai: Same Quality as New York and London
Non-smokers friendly
Big Belly Boys Quick Eats

Phone Number: +971 4 379 2122

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE


Price Range: 10-25 $

After London and New York, Dubai's Five Guys here I come. A beautiful place of red and white colors, reflective ceramic walls, light wooden tables and an open kitchen. I love the spirit around here, a fast food chain of burgers that's literally taking the world by storm. It's Five Guys and it's now open in Dubai.


Five Guys is the famous burger concept. Choose your own double or single patty and add to it anything you like from vegetables, onions, sauces and more. While waiting, dig into peanuts while you refill your Coke one after the other.

The burgers are wrapped in aluminum foil, fries fill the bag, music plays in the background, it's simply fun at Five Guys. Rated one of New York and London's best, it is my favorite indeed and I hope it's as good in Dubai.


Reach the counter, order your burger, add to all the ingredients and wait to be served. The place is extremely clean, the staff is welcoming and the vibes are positive. I love the wooden tables and how they stick numbers on every bun for guests sharing be same table to know which is which. The potatoes' origin is written on the wall next to the giant Coke dispenser.

A tender and fluffy bun, two juicy patties, crunchy lettuce and tomatoes, cheddar cheese and sweet pickles. Add ketchup and mustard for ultimate enjoyment. It's a real fast food burger and I -again- love it. I love the balanced taste, the neat flavor where no synthetic after notes are left around your mouth.


The fries are also exceptional. Crispy crunchy fries loaded with salt. Golden potatoes fried to perfection.  

I've been to New York and London and this one is comparable to the others. Craving a fast food burger, this one is way better than either Burger King or McDonalds.

Suitable For: Big Belly Boys Quick Eats





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