November 21, 2012

To Eat vs. To Taste

To Eat vs. To Taste. The two concepts have never been so distant and opposed: ‘to eat is to live, to taste is to evolve’. Taste goes deep into yourself, hits the unconscious and awakes instinct. What reaches your stomach is not nourishment, but pure emotion. That’s the concept of Ayako Suwa’s food creations. The Japanese food artist abandons any superficial approach to the food medium.


The artist says:

"When I started my work, I realized the fact that there are no ways to express a concept by using food. There was not categorized name or any established style. I felt it was sympathetic with cooking, design or fine art simply. However, it is neither of the above strictly.

Therefore I wanted to establish a new value of food, closely tied to instinct and curiosity. It is not for the cause of an energy gain and gourmet either. Therefore I named it food creation as a new value of eating."

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