March 22, 2019

Fruzion Introduces Lebanese 'Fruit Cocktails' to America

Lebanon has been turning a buzz in California with its popular and healthy fruit cocktails. Considered a street food staple for the Lebanese, Fruzion, is a one of a kind shop, in Los Angeles which has created a space for this refreshing treat and has actually expanded its possibilities.


 Originated in Lebanon and the Mediterranean Coast, The Lebanese Fruit Cocktail is made with layered fresh fruit varieties, juices poured through out, and then topped with Lebanon's classic Lebanese ashta cream, nuts and honey.


With two locations in Chatsworth and Glendale, CA, Fruzion, is serving up Lebanese fruit cocktails since 2014. They were the first to introduce many Americans to a unique and healthy alternative to smoothies that is offered in many other regions of our diverse world; The Fruit Cocktail!

Pictures from Pawaky: Fruit Cocktails and Ice Cream in Amchit

Pawaky: Fruit Cocktails and Ice Cream in Amchit

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