May 30, 2020

Furn el Sabaya, Amchit: Cleanliness, Passion, Flavors of Unconventional Manakish

In the heart of Amchit, a town situated between Byblos and Batroun is a small bakery that's already twenty-one years old... It's not just any bakery but one that offers all things unique. This is a story of the Zgheib family, a united group of women who wake up daily with one single aim: "Preach the best of Amchit's culinary heritage." I know that this, is not a new place, but after trying their tasty wonders I realized how much I have missed in my life not having tried it before... It's worth talking about Al Sabaya.

On a thin dough, double the size of the Manouché, a mix of almonds, walnuts, sugar, orange blossom and rose water is layered. These are the same fillings used to make Atayef.  Take a closer look and discover a  special way of rolling the dough inside out to create what looks like a bicycle wheel... very original.   A thin crust that crumbles under your teeth while the filling caresses your taste buds obliging you to close your eyes and scream WOW!

The Awarma galette is breathtaking. Just take your time and soak up every moment: first the preparation; the way each one is rolled with love and cooked with passion. Juicy meat, a fried egg in the middle and cold labneh to add more pleasure to the mix...Then to taste: I was uncontrollably moaning... I've never tasted something that good in my entire life!





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