October 24, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Heaven on a Plate: The Burger

Phone Number: +961 1 999836

Address: Beirut souks, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Website: http://www.brgr.co/

Price Range: 30-40 $

Wait! I'm not sure where, or how to start, but what happened just now was a terrorist attack on my brain. I have just tasted one of Lebanon's finest burgers, or the world, if I may say.


I rarely accept invitations, but I’m happy to have taken this one. Brgr.Co gave me the privilege of trying their latest creation, a state of the art innovation, a treat that will make you change your mind about burgers.

In the upcoming weeks, Brgr.Co is launching a special edition, limited release burger that few or none have created. A high-end imagining that will take you to the land of fairytales.

Cafe de Paris, as they call it. Does it ring a bell? Cafe de Paris is the Entrecôte sauce, a recipe kept secret by its creator. With that, a patty, a high-end super high-grade meat that's worth a lot. Come here for the meat l'Entrecôte will never give you in a burger.


The rules of the game are clear and please do not try to break them:

  • Order it medium rare!
  • It is heavy indeed, good heaviness, of pure butter. Keep your healthy lifestyle at home.
  • Expect to be amazed, that's fine dining caliber. For the love of God, do not compare it with street food or a diner. It contains strong flavors, so prepare yourself to adore them.

Close your eyes, and let yourself go on a journey of dreams:

It starts with freshness, an aromatic freshness, while you bring it to your mouth. Plunge your teeth into its smooth bun and it rips apart, melting in style. Before you get to the meat, a thin crust and a crunchy butter layer will make you drool. Beautiful textures as you reach the patty, no effort needed, and your eyes will close by themselves. Herbs, Dijon mustard, butter, and more herbs. A soft meat that melts like a mousse au chocolat, that doesn’t need chewing, a ground beef of the finest quality, strongly peppered and salted, with spells of enjoyment and finesse. Prepare yourself to indulge with 180 grams of premium meat.

Honestly, I would pay a fortune for that. I heard that it willl be priced at something above $50. 


We're not halfway there yet...

It was time for the plain burger. A bun and a piece of meat. Yes, no sauces, no juice, no add-ons, but a thick chunk of grilled patty, 180 grams of it, finely and carefully crafted to perfection and guaranteed to make you fall in love with food. A soft and spongy bun, toasted on the sides, containing a patty that melts under your teeth like a tiramisu. When available, I'll order it as is, no sauce needed. It is red and raw inside, yes, that's the beauty of it. Enjoy it as is.

The burger should be out in two weeks time... Patience...





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