April 11, 2014

Hostesses Need to Fly

Few days ago, I read an interesting article, written by a positive thinking person on how hard is the Hostess job. This woman, serving people of which some are too arrogant, others have the fear of flying or those who are impolite and arrogant. Miss Hostess, touring the world, doesn't have a minute for herself. She arrives in the morning, leaves back at night or sometimes on long routes spends the night where she can't even drink or party. "Let me say here; it's not MEA hostesses that need more training but travelers who need more education... respect is disappearing from our society."

vietnam airlines

Hostesses need to fly, by Myrna Khoury on memy50shadesandl

My latest trip with MEA made me start this post at 30,000 miles up above, observing the hostesses! Do you think a hostess really travels? Do you believe taking the plane 3 times a week, has the same pleasurable feeling of a gateway it means for so many others? Do you think walking down the “aisle” hundreds of thousands of times a day knowing you’re being scrutinized, criticized and fantasized about like the famous shower ad of Herbal Essences in the plane toilets, is your dream job? Well believe me, it doesn’t look as rosy!!! Observing the crew made me ponder and think that a hostess definitely dreams of traveling!

  • Waking up in Lebanon and craving for a hot chocolate in Paris while she sits idly watching the plane getting cleaned before making a you turn back to Beirut!!!!
  • Losing half of her morning finishing chores and getting a full make up session before serving arrogant, whimsical businessmen and spoiled rich housewives on their way to Dubai, boasting about their latest parties or 6 digit deals, back and forth so that her eyes smudge with black mascara and fatigue around midnight, right before a harsh landing back home!
  • Running to score Rome on her schedule hoping and praying she’ll be lucky to make a quick visit to the Vatican, while all she ends up having is a late visit to Harissa on the same day!
  • Istanbul is a different story. Every visit has her own share of shopping Lists which she ends up subcontracting to her other friend, the Lucky merchant sitting 27F window seat.

Being a hostess is one hell of a job! Entertaining others’ dreams with humility and patience and a whole lot of “teslamle” and “3ayne”…… Empathising with the passengers while very few care about her emotions dealing with the plane as a simple means instead of a carrier of escape, fun, new horizons and above all, hope! Paris, Rome, Vienna, Jeddah, Qatar, Frankfurt, Dubai… hundreds of possibilities but One woman, One broken dream with endless frustrations every morning…

Believe me, a hostess needs to travel more often!

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