June 09, 2015 London UK Europe

I Feel Good at The Hoxton Hotel, London
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +44 20 7550 1000

Address: 81 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3HU, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.hoxtonhotels.com

Price Range: 130-400 $

The Hoxton London: A Vibrant Hotel...

There' nothing quite like the vibe this hotel gives off... Busy during the day, filled with happily dancing people during the night, and some tiny fun details... make The Hoxton a hotel you should want to try.


Last year saw my first visit to a place that left me amazed. The Hoxton is where breakfast is comes in a bag delivered to your room every morning at your desired time, the place where the lobby feels more like of a club or a restaurant built around rugged metal and wood materials, the rooms have a certain simplicity, making them relaxing and enjoyable as well as fast internet that's complimentary with no log in or password.

I was here for a week last year and three nights this week enjoying every inch of this marvelous experience. Their beer is as good as their breakfast, coffee and smoothies while I opened my eyes to their signature breakfast bag containing a banana, yogurt and fresh orange juice.

Music, a beautiful kind of music, continuously plays in the background, relaxing your every sense. I'm not a hotel lobby fan, I usually prefer to go discover a city's hidden wonders, but here is different, you just can't help it.

You feel like the walls are speaking, that the air is concentrated with positivity and staying here just reconciles you with life. Every corner has a story and every face is an inspiration urging you to learn more. I'm not sure why, but here I am, for the second consecutive morning, sitting alone in the lobby letting time fly.


Behind the glass door is a lobby, a large lobby separated from the restaurant by a metallic library and a long leather sofa. A cozy sitting area occupies the left side and a chimney takes over the area. Behind the sofa is the Hoxton Grill where breakfast and drinks are served.

Take a left to the reception before going up to your room. Because the room's fridge only has complementary milk and water bottles, all the other chocolates and bites are sold at reception. The staff is young and fresh and uses Apple computers.

The lobby, the first impression, makes you fall in love with the hotel. Brick covers the walls, a wooden floor adds a touch of purity, old style lamps hang from the ceiling while metal occupies all the corners filled with leather chairs each with a different design. 

Up in the room is a bed, a leather sofa, an LCD TV as well as a desk where a bottle opener, pens and leaflets as well as complimentary coffee and tea are offered. Small but nice, I like their rooms.

All the above is true, but you really should experience The Hoxton on a Saturday night. Hundreds of young Londoners gather here for drinks transforming a lobby into a pub, be sure to ask for a room higher up the building to avoid facing them in your dreams; the beat continues until 2am on Saturday night.

More of a youngster's hotel, but surely a place I recommend. I just feel good here.

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