February 08, 2015

Ice Cream and Sorbet at Home in Minutes

Make the most delicious ice cream and sorbet at home in just 20 to 30 minutes with La Turbine a Glace from Magimix. This machine is considered the Rolls Royce of ice cream machines - it's a fully automatic, self-freezing beauty from Magimix.


To use, switch on built-in freezer unit to pre-freeze bowl, add mixture and switch on churn. The paddle will stop automatically when the correct consistency is reached.


Includes: additional removeable steel bowl to increase capacity; 2 x paddles; a measuring spoon; a spatula and an instruction booklet (with recipes for vanilla ice cream and classic sorbet).


Simply pour the ingredients into the machine and carry on with other tasks for only around thirty minutes, then enjoy the unbeatable flavour of your ice cream.


The ice cream maker is a must have in every kitchen for yummy, healthy, fresh ice cream at home.


Categories: Appliances


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