May 12, 2012

Increase Your Sexuality with Food: Figs

And our weekly journey continues, and today we talk about Figs that is said to emulate the female sex organs to say the least.

Figs have been in history and are one of the oldest recorded fruits. Apparently it has been used as a sexual enhancer by many civilizations for thousands of years. Figs are mentioned in the bible (Adam and Eve wore fig leaves to cover their private parts), and it's also reported that it was Cleopatra’s favorite fruit and the ancient Greeks held them as sacred and associated them with love and fertility. Let's see. Studies show that eating fig raw is said to do wonders to your sexual health and sexual stamina but apparently cooking it with milk will increase its powers by far. This milk is best drunk before sleep. Drinking this milk for a month will make you better sexually. You will witness a huge change in your performance as a man. This sexy fruit has long been thought of as an arousing stimulant and an open fig is believed to emulate the female sex organs. In all cases, Fig is a dry fruit that is consumed throughout the world and has great nutritional value. No harm in trying!  

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