June 11, 2013

iTray: Food Flies Straight to Your Table

I don't know if this is good news or great news. Speedy food with no attitude from a real life waiter...? British restaurant chain YO! Sushi has launched what is apparently the world’s first flying tray, a kind of airborne waiter capable of delivering food to tables faster than human waiters.


The so-called iTray, controlled by an iPad, is apparently capable of reaching high speeds of up to 25mph. This new innovative waiter was launched at the restaurant’s flagship store in London.

This flying machine is controlled by an iPad, with a member of staff tilting the tablet to control its movement. It features two built-in cameras so the ‘pilot’ can accurately guide the food-laden tray to diners’ tables before flying it back to the kitchen.

If the flying tray proves popular with diners and doesn’t lead to any unfortunate accidents, it could be rolled out to its other stores next year.
What's your thought on this new innovation?
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