November 25, 2015

It's Official: The World's Longest Manousheh is Lebanese

Choueifat, Lebanon, 22 November 2015 - AMJAD High School’s diligent and dedicated teachers, staff and students officially set out and amazingly broke the world record of the longest mankoushe at 31.97 meters by knocking out the former record at 15.7 meters.




This comes as a cultural phenomenon and aspiration by AMJAD’s leadership, staff, and students. “We achieved the main objective of the event, which is encouraging the team work, and helping put the Lebanese community in the world’s perspective on the occasion of the Independence day, said Walid Zoubian, the Director of AMJAD High School 


AMJAD High School can now amazingly claim to have achieved World Guinness record with verified participation. 30 Chefs from Socrate Catering and 120 teachers and students from Amjad High School contributed to the success of the event.




“With the contribution of our partners in the event, we were able to break the world record of the Longest Pasty set up previously in the Saudi city of Ihsaa on 2nd May 2014 of 15.17meters, by preparing a pasty of 31.97meters long. We used 70 kg of dough, 8 kg of thyme and 13 kg of olive oil, and the pasty was baked on a 1020 kg stove locally produced, measuring 32m long, with 180 m of pipes fed by 16 gaz containers, said Fouad Bakkar, project leader and innovator from AMJAD High School.



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