October 16, 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Tumi Collaborate

Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the brand’s top notch line, is a blend of Scotland's rarest whiskies. The way it's presented should be up to par... Here's high-end luggage maker Tumi comes with a special Blue Label tasting case.


Only 65 cases available, for $5,000 a piece at Tumi.com and select Tumi retail stores in New York and California. The dark blue leather case, laser-etched with the Tumi logo, is designed to perfectly fit a 750ml bottle of Blue Label.

Also included are two premium rocks glasses supported by slide out leather and nickel squares which double as coasters, a stainless steel ice bucket, and tongs. You also have the option to custom engrave the bottle. A Christmas gift, I would say...


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