June 29, 2015 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Kamoun: Great Lebanese Food on Mar Mikhael (Restaurant Closed)


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Value for money: 8/10

Kamoun’s logo attracted me to come try it as soon as it opened a few months back. Kamoun is a new Lebanese restaurant that opened in Mar Mikhael.  Kamoun is a casual restaurant that offers a large selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner items displayed on a beautifully colored menu, which guarantees to open up your appetite at a glance.


It was lunchtime when we arrived at Kamoun. I automatically noticed that the staff was in dire need for some training… They need to learn some welcoming skills, table setup details as well as learn their menu better.

Breakfast, foul w fatteh, manakish w allitas, appetizers, salads and soups, Kamoun specialities, grill, sweets, beverages, spirits, chicha...

The menu's first impression:

  • Breakfast includes an interesting selection of Lebanese food.
  • Fatteh it is, but not any Fatteh, they have a choice of chickpeas, chicken, tongue, makadem and eggplant. It seems that they are Fatteh specialist.
  • Allitas is a new word for me, and it means sesame kaaka stuffed with cheese.
  • The normal Lebanese specialties are all available.
  • Kamoun meat and Kamoun chicken are the specialties to try.

Photos again, are mouthwatering!


The decor:

  • The place is nice. The space transports you into the old days of Beirut while smooth oriental tunes play in the background.
  • Light blue, pink and dark colors decorate the space.
  • Facing the entrance is the bar while the toilets are on a higher level up.
  • Walls are decorated with old paintings and photographs from the living days of Beirut
  • Three LCD screens broadcast Rotana classic.
  • Old style wooden chairs, dark wooden tables, old style tiles and golden colors add a touch of finesse.


The food:

  • We started with hummus and moutabbal batenjen, two beautifully looking plates served with olive oil. With that came the beetroot salad looking fresh and appetizing.
  • A tasty hummus where every ingredient is felt in this firm consistency, which I liked. Hummus is served in Amal plate with cooked chickpeas in the middle. Just add oil and enjoy.
  • Moutabbal is even better. Moutabbal batenjen with tahini sauce and lemon decorated with crunchy pomegranate bits in top adding a hint of enjoyable sweetness.
  • The salad looks nice. Beetroot, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and roquette leaves. Amazing beetroot, fresh crispy leaves, crunchy cucumbers, juicy tomatoes and a flavorful sauce. I wasn't expecting to be amazed.
  • Kebbe, cheese rolls and sambousik! They are wow! Honestly, some fine crunchy cheese rolls without the oil, fully loaded kebbeh with a juicy heart and crunchy envelope, dream sambousik.
  • You might underestimate a place like that but wait until you try their food. Until now, the appetizers rock!
  • Now for the cheese Allitas, a Triploli-style kaaka, filled with cheese and then heated. Sesame kaak stuffed in tender dough, where the crust absorbs the melting cheese oil then served with tomatoes and cucumbers in the side. This kaaka' taste is amazing. The simplicity of such a sandwich is ready to put a smile on for face.


  • Fattet djeij or chicken Fatteh is something I'll recommend to my friends. Tender chicken not marinated in garlic. Bathing in Laban with fried almonds, cashew nuts, pine nuts and pistachio gives, fattet djeje gives off a sour flavor served cold, combining crunchiness and juiciness all at once. It is really good and they manage to make it that unique served cold.
  • A round-meat like kafta flowing in a red juice, tender meat with no sliding bits inside it, no crunchy borghol like kafta but really juicy and tender meat with a hint of spiciness. Yum!
  • Ras Asfour it is. Chicken chunks flowing in pomegranate molasses and nuts. Loved the meat texture.
  • Mixed grilled platter is the least I liked. A generous plate but the meat is a bit cold and a bit firm in consistency.


Food is excellent!

For dessert we chose the meghleh, which I liked, the trio of Halawa and the Nutella kaaka, a unique sensation with every bite.

Even though the staff needs more training, the manager is a professional in this business and it makes all the difference. Food at Kamoun is exceptional for a trendy Lebanese diner. I left amazed by the flavors and the quality of ingredients.

Kamoun is a restaurant I'll come back to soon. Recommended if Lebanese food is what you’re craving for.


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