October 31, 2019

KARL WOLF (Carl Abou Samah): Releases a Song for Lebanon. LEBANON IS MINE

Carl Abou Samah better known by his stage name Karl Wolf is a Lebanese-born Canadian musician based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has been a singer, songwriter, and producer since 2001, releasing his first solo album Face Behind the Face on MapleNationwide/Universal in 2006, followed by a second album "Bite the Bullet" in 2007. His third album Nightlife was released in 2009 followed by Finally Free in 2012, Stereotype in 2014 and WOW in 2015. His biggest hit has been a remake of Toto's "Africa" sampling from the song and providing new lyrics and arrangements. Through his company, Lone Wolf Management, Karl Wolf also manages a number of new artists. In 2015, he announced a new collaboration under the name BAE (Be All Equal) with Show Stephens, Brenda Mullen, and producer MasterTrak. Karl signed a new solo contract in Canada with British Columbia-based Cordova Bay Records as well as two new worldwide deals in Los Angeles, one for a publishing contract with BMG and another Digital "YouTube" deal with Collective Digital Studios. He has co-written the OMI hit "Hula Hoop". (Wikipedia)

Karl Wolf, the Lebanese Canadian singer-songwriter, releases a song for Lebanon called LEBANON IS MINE in support of the unprecedented protests that have been going on in Lebanon, these past two weeks, against austerity and corruption. The video to the song contains pictures of hundreds of Lebanese descendants living abroad holding a sign that says “LEBANON IS MINE”. This is a way to continue the social human chain that Lebanese people on the ground have created in unity and solidarity.

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