March 21, 2018 New York USA Americas

Katz: The Place of Dream Sandwiches
Non-smokers friendly
Big Belly Boys

Phone Number: +1 212 254-2246

Address: 205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002, United States


Price Range: 20-60 $

It’s called Katz, and it sells one of the world’s tastiest sandwiches. I’ve been here three or four times already enjoying their thick, super loaded juicy sandwiches prepared in front of you. Thousands of customers come here daily, hundreds of tables filled all day long, hundreds of thousands of meat slices cut and it’s been the same since the beginning of the century. When photos speak for themselves, you will understand the feeling of coming here and living the crowd.


Katz' is a favorite and has always been one. I’ve tried all pastrami sandwiches in New York, and yet this remains the best of the best. The experience itself, the quality of the bread, the unique meat and the generosity of every sandwich prepared which costs a fortune after all; twenty bucks and worth every penny.

Today was the first time I try the table service which proposes breakfast, platters, and eggs. Have a seat, wait to be served and watch the hungry crowd come in for the world’s most famous sandwich. 

Deliciousness! Amazement! Exceptionalism! It’s a sandwich that makes me moan, a unique creation where very tender meat served on a bed of mustard comes to tickle your every sense. One of the softest rye bread I’ve ever tried, well balanced meat not many understand and their outstanding mustard.


Forget your manners and jump in! That’s not a sandwich; it’s a mountain, it’s what people call food orgasm. The meat quality is close to none, thick layers of meat loaded with flavors served between two slices of bread. The Reuben is also a memorable sandwich, the juicy sauerkraut, the sweet sauce and melting cheese.


Food speaks volume; they don’t get fries from the kitchen in plates but on loaded trays. The meat comes from the back in big buckets and consumed in minutes. 340 seats full all day long!

Waiters are funny; I ordered three sandwiches for my review and begged the waiter to get them; too much he said! I insisted on having the turkey sandwich, a considerable portion more of a complete turkey but not worth it after enjoying the pastrami. At Katz, order neither the turkey nor the corned beef.


When visiting New York, two food addresses are not to be missed, Katz for the pastrami and Levain for the cookie. Been there, done that and will still come here every time I visit New York.

Suitable For: Big Belly Boys





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