February 15, 2017 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Kobayat: Far from Beirut, Close to the Heart

Al Qoubaiyat is located at the northeast of the Lebanese republic. 95 km (59.03 mi) to the North of the Lebanese capital Beirut. It is limited at the west by the village "Akkar el Attika", at the East by the line which separates the two districts of Akkar (North) and the Hermel Bekaa. It spreads along 70 km2 almost.

Its limits are: At the west: Al Qoubaiyat - Akkar Attika - Halba. At the East: Al Qoubaiyat - Andaket - Chadra - the Syrian borders. At the north-West: Al Qoubaiyat - Halba - Tripoli. At the south: Al Qoubaiyat - Hermel - Baalbeck.


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