June 11, 2015

Le Bristol Hotel: A Landmark Reopens With a Whole New Look (Hotel Closed)

One of Lebanon's iconic places is Le Bristol Hotel, located in the heart of Beirut... This historic spot is again in the limelight after a year of renovation and re-design... Le Bristol Hotel is opening it's doors officially on June 16, 2015. 


This opening is one of the biggest events for the Lebanese capital in 2015. The five star institution, distinguished by its elegant and sophisticated spaces, became a landmark in the life of the Lebanese people who came to find shelter during the 1975 war. 


Galal Mahmoud, founder of GM Architects, gave this piece of Lebanese history a whole new look... with the objective of the renovation was to modernise the style and decor of the hotel while preserving its authentic, vintage and luxurious style, as well as maintaining the standards of the quality of services provided.


The hotel incorporates furniture by Beirut’s best designers and also references to the country’s different periods of architectural design. 


Throughout its history, Le Bristol housed the first ever skating rink in the country; it was the source of inspiration for the finest interior designers of the period such as Jean de Royère and a meeting place for kings and heads of state. Le Bristol is a palace, which during the 1950s became world-famous for hosting grand balls for diplomats and film stars, but has since lived through wars as well as decades of general wear and tear.

But now it's back... more colorful than ever. I can't wait...

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