February 23, 2016

Le Cook : One Piece Design Spoonula That Hooks to Your Pan

Le Cook is a beautifully designed “spoonula” (50% spoon, 50% spatula) made of high-quality, heat resistant silicone that has an L-shaped hook which allows it to be hung on the edge of any pan. This eliminates the need for an extra dish to rest it on and frees up hands for seasoning dishes. The seamless one-piece design is nonporous so it won’t trap food or bacteria and it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It’s non-slip satin texture finish is soft to the touch and designed to be ergonomic. Le Cook is made with high grade silicone that won’t leave scratches on the surface of pans, is heat resistant up to 450 degrees fahrenheit, FDA approved, and BPA free. 


“I love cooking and experimenting with recipes almost every day. As I was preparing dinner one evening, the usual problem arose when it came time for me to season and spice up my dishes - I didn't know where to rest my saucy spatula. That is when I start looking online for spoon rests and spatula holders. I ended up loving the idea of pan spatula holders - the moment I saw that product and how easily it clips to the side of your pans, I bought it without a second thought. However, this product still takes up room and needs to be cleaned separately after each use… “I wish there was a utensil that combines the pan spatula holder and the spatula itself - that would be amazing” ...the thought hit me. That is when the idea of Le’ Cook Spoonula was born!” 

Jhon Mulim, creator of Le Cook, is the founder of Rintik. Rintik is a small start-up business where he make his ideas become a reality. Mulim is a freelance designer and entrepreneur with experience bringing new products from the design stage, through manufacturing, and getting them on the market. His idea of a good design is one that is simple yet functional.

To cover the cost of the first production run of Le Cook, Mulim has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The very first backers can pre-order Le Cook spoonula at a special discounted price. It will be available, along with Le Cook aprons, on the campaign site until April 4, 2016.

Kickstarter page






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