July 28, 2013 Paris France Europe

Les Saisons Restaurant: Sheraton Hotel, Paris Airport


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 7/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 18/30

Architecture / Interior: 6/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 1/10

Value for money: Soon

I've been eagerly waiting to try the Sheraton Paris Airport for some time now, with no success. Finally, I am here. I go down to have dinner at their Les Saisons Restaurant and although I was sitting alone in the corner of the restaurant, I was really excited to enjoy a calm dinner. I quickly asked for a starter, a main dish and a glass of wine as I spread bread on my piece of brown bread. Unfortunately, good things don't last forever. My serenity turned to rage as my dinner was rudely interrupted by a group of inexperienced kids who claim to be waiters in this restaurant located at a four star hotel. Sheraton_Les_Saisons_Restaurant_Paris_CDG02 The place is calm, perfectly fit to welcome you after a long trip. The square shaped restaurant enjoys a low ceiling surrounded with a strip of mirrors following the lines of beige walls. A bar on the left, a line of tables on the right and at the very end, where I am sitting, a couple of tables are placed under a stripe of lights. I had perfectly lit plates that I enjoyed shooting and then of course eating. Sheraton_Les_Saisons_Restaurant_Paris_CDG03 The menu:

  • Starters
  • Large salads
  • Snack corner
  • Pasta
  • Fish corner
  • Meat and poultry
  • Cheese
  • Sweets and daintiest
  • Wines

I ordered:

  • Saumon fume de Norvège, blinis tièdes et crème de raifort (Norwegian smoked salmon, warm blinis and horseradish sauce) 23€. Wow! Awesome to say the least. A plate with 6 salmon rolls, fresh like if they were produced today, non oily and sliced in thick layers. A salmon much better than the Scottish one that has an orange color. Served with 5 round blinis, warm like the menu describes them, they are soft and tender. The white horseradish cream is the perfect assortment for a tasty bite. Green lime and prime Echiré butter accompany this selection. A lovely plate. Bravo!


  • Spaghetti Alla Bolognese (spaghetti pasta with minced beef and tomato sauce) 24€. A failure: It needs salt and pepper, lacks taste and most importantly it is over cooked. The same pasta I would cook for my kids. Not aldente and too spongy. I asked for pepper which took the waitress more than 5 minutes to bring...

Sheraton_Les_Saisons_Restaurant_Paris_CDG25 Here’s a story I have to tell you with minimal details: I asked the asian waitress for some pepper: while passing along my table, she didn't even stop a second to hear what I had asked for. She continued her way onto the ordering screen. Five minutes later, she comes back with the pepper and starts grinding it over my plate with no permission. She grinds in the same spot and looks at me saying: "Will you tell me to stop or what?" How rude! Unacceptable to be honest. Please, for the love of God, send this kid find another job somewhere far from the restaurant business, let alone with no contact with people.

  • Mille Feuille aux Framboises (layered flaky pastry with raspberries) 15€. A generous portion of a creative Mille feuille, that can better be shared as the portion is big. I like the crunchy caramel inside, the fresh pastry layers that crumble under your teeth and the dozens of raspberry fresh fruits. Even though dry, heavy and fatty, I enjoyed it. The order came 15 minutes later. The waitress rudely threw the plate on the table without saying a word. Next to it, she then threw a spoon, not parallel to the plate and left running, busy to serve others.


  • White wine: Sancerne Grande Reserve, Henri Bourgeois 2011 AOC. 55€/bottle. A tasty wine, soft with fruity notes. It accompanied my dinner perfectly.

Sheraton_Les_Saisons_Restaurant_Paris_CDG18 The minuses:

The service is horrible for a four stars hotel with a fine restaurant like this. An Asian trainee followed by a waitress, another waiter in blue and a youngster with all his keys pending from all sides.
  • I was not proposed water or anything else to drink until I asked.
  • The service at this restaurant is to be reconsidered: slow, unorganized and too unprofessional.
  • I've been waiting for the last 15 minutes for someone to remove my empty plates, and still
  • Anyone interested in getting me some more bread? It doesn't look like an option. The staff was busy tossing responsibilities to each other as if they were in school. “Send a bottle to table 5. Did you check table 7? What a disgrace!
  • The ordering machine should be placed somewhere else. It was right next to where I was sitting. I had to see in my vision, the hands of all the waitresses typing on this screen. They grabbed the wood panel next to my head, and while opening conversations, printed the orders.

Sheraton_Les_Saisons_Restaurant_Paris_CDG19 It's unfortunately sad to have your experience be destroyed by such a staff. I just followed her moves:

  • She runs all around imagining herself on a basketball field
  • I wished she smiled just once
  • No good evening, no good bye, no thank you, no communication whatsoever with anyone
  • Rude and extremely impolite
  • Empty plates are not removed of the tables until the next platter comes

It’s like someone burst my bubble tonight. I was so happy to try this hotel and enjoy its premium food. I was so calm until I came close to a group of kids who know nothing about welcoming customers into a restaurant, who know nothing about the art of serving and have minimal knowledge of what clients expect in a five stars hotel. I stood up and left... No one said good bye or even looked at me! You cannot imagine the rage they created in me. I just felt like screaming! My verdict: Average food that is way too expensive. I had dinner for 80€ which was not even worth 35€, especially when I was served by a staff of untrained kids that simply made me mad. I do not recommend this place to anyone!





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