June 03, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Let's Indulge in Some "Daoukieh"... Orgasmic Oriental Sweets!
Sweet Tooth

An NGNO reader sent me a request to try "Al Daoukieh" at Daouk in Tarik Jdideh, next to the Cola Roundabout. This Lebanese pastry shop has created a unique dessert that has made it to all four corners of the world. Intrigued?
I reached a small, humble place, different from those buildings most famous commercial names have built. Sitting behind a desk, a man welcomed me with a smile. As I asked about the Daoukieh he shouted at the man behind the counter to get it from the fridge. A green thing that looked like a knefeh or mafroukeh appeared. Intriguing at first: Is that the common Bohsalino renamed? Or something like maamoul madd? Maybe mafroukeh?My mouth started watering. "Do you mind if I take couple photos please?" I asked the man. “Pictures are not allowed,” he replied, “but take a bite and try it.” I was offered a piece which I started examining closely, turning it around, taking pictures from all sides... so the man looked at me as if I was a kid seeing chocolate for the first time and said: "Fine, I will allow you to take pictures, just eat now."
Thank you Lama for this address, you made my day...


For the record:
  • Bohsalino: It has a special cup-like design. It's a rich Kashta sandwiched between two layers of pistachio and semolina. Eaten cold and fresh, it has been a favorite among Arabic sweets for a long time.
  • Mafroukeh bi festok (ma-frou-ké)A traditional Lebanese dessert, served on a platter like knefe; it's made of semolina, sugar, and butter infused with sugar syrup, orange blossom, and rose water. It's topped with a ashta. Mafroukeh bi festok and Bohsalino seem to be the same thing, different presentation.
  • Al Daoukieh is an extended version of the Bohsalino... Unique on all fronts. What makes all the difference are the non salted cashew nuts layered under the ashta, the ashta impressive quality and the pistachio specially mixed in their own way.
Just imagine: A layer of pistachio purée, green like grass, topped with cashew nuts, a layer of ashta and on top of it more pistachio with little sugar bits shining beautifully in between. The pistachio mixed with semolina slide under your teeth, erupting with a rich taste while a strong flavor of pistachio caress your taste buds. Premium quality, cold and fresh ashta (clotted cream) follows all this, melting together under your palate until you crunch into those cashew nuts which will put a smile on your face. While enjoying those heavenly bites, all you have to do is close your eyes and feel the perfumes of orange blossom and rose water taking over your brain cells. Believe me when I say that I've never eaten anything like this in my entire life. Orgasmic!
The same day, I decided to publish the photo of this dessert on Facebook. I just wanted to see how many people knew about it. The photo alone was shared 30 times; it was seen by 30,000 people and had 120 comments at the time of writing. I also received several phone calls confirming that this dessert is something out of this world... heavenly and majestic.

Now I understand why I need to come all the way to Cola roundabout in the heart of Beirut for this mouthwatering Lebanese sweet innovation... And I believe you should do the same. A kilo sells for LBP20,000, or you can order a "Daoukieh extra" individual portion decorated with nuts at LBP24,000 the kilo. My latest dessert discovery is a must try. Al Daouk Sweets

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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