July 22, 2012

Limited Most Expensive Wine Bottle at $168,000

I like this bottle of wine. It's different and apparently, the most expensive bottle of wine today - only 12 bottles in the world at $168,000 each.

The new Cabernet Sauvignon from the Australian winery Penfolds is now the most expensive wine ever. It’s called “2004 Block 42? and it’s priced at $168,000. To make the purchase slightly more tempting, the wine comes in what will very likely be the most interesting packaging in a buyer’s cellar…

The wine is produced from just one vineyard, say Penfolds, from a grape imported from France in the 1830’s. The vines are believed to be the oldest continuously producing vines for Cabernet Sauvignon anywhere in the world.

The bottle itself is a work of art and the opening is carried out in person for the buyer by a Penfolds expert, who will travel anywhere in the world to the buyer and extract the wine using special equipment. The Ampoule is further decorated with a silver band and an encased in an accompanying wood cabinet.


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