February 18, 2015

Magnetic Table Trivet

This stylish Table Trivet is lime green has a central magnet that ensures the trivet remains attached to the casserole dish, pan or other hot metal serving dish. This makes it possible to rest a hot pan on any surface and makes it easier to move around, perfect for a busy kitchen.

Nuance Magnet Black Casserole

We’ve all been there! The food is prepared and the casserole is in our hands ready for the table. But where is the trivet?
Nuance has now solved this problem with the launch of a silicone trivet with a central magnet. 
The silicone makes sure that the casserole stands well-balanced and securely on the table. The magnet ensures that the trivet remains attached to the casserole or pan, making it possible to put them down wherever you want to without having to worry about having a trivet ready in your other hand. 

Nuance Magnet Black
The trivet’s shape means that it fits perfectly to all kinds of casserole – large and small. The elegant design also makes it an exciting and decorative addition to your table.

Now available in Lebanon at DuplexLine

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