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Mahfouz in Tyre: Meat Sandwiches to Start Your Day
Affordable Bites

In the heart of one of the world’s oldest cities is a place, a small sandwicheria, that opens at 7am. A breakfast and lunch place, but not just any old place, one famous for serving meat sandwiches people come to enjoy before sunrise. Mahfouz is known for its “Fatayel” sandwiches.

“What is Fatayel?” I ask. Fatayel is a filet which is fried and cut into small pieces like minced meat. Afterwards, it is rolled into small sandwiches with tarator and tomatoes, nothing else. Feel the smoothness of the bread, thin, at less than a millimeter thick, the juiciness of the meat, which has a light taste and no oiliness, while the sauce and tomatoes add the juiciness the sandwich needs to be great. Small in size, you’ll need more than 3 of those to fill up your stomach.


For LBP2,000, it might be the first time in your life you’ll eat meat for breakfast, and believe me it’s worth it.

Mahfouz Tyre: +961 7 740131

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