April 24, 2018 Antelias Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mains et Fleurs Antelias: A Restaurant, Bar and Lounge. Tasty Food and Great Drinks (Restaurant Closed)


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

Inspired by Picasso’s famous drawing “Mains et Fleurs”, a new concept has opened its doors on Antelias’ internal road. A restaurant, a bar, a cigar lounge, a private dining space and balcony, the concept has something for everyone and a wide selection of serious food! Delicious fusion ideas prepared with love as well as an outstanding choice of drinks created by one of the country’s best bar-chefs.


It’s a “Fun dining place” like the owner likes to name it. Decorated with the finest materials imported from Europe, “Mains et Fleurs” proposes the style of a cigar lounge, the class of a fine-dining restaurant and the simplicity of a television dinner at home. I personally chose to sit outside.

On the menu, -for the first time ever-, choose from several cuisines displayed like a chart. Food from different countries, the restaurant’s menu can truly be considered international; I loved the plates, the presentation, the cutlery and the glasses.

Mains et Fleurs has a bartender, Firas Youssef, dangerously professional, preparing drinks I’ve rarely tasted before. Pink velvet released on Mother’s Day; roses is the base, mastika (meskeh) and egg white. This drink is a tribute to the bartender’s grandma. The main ingredient is Gin. An amazing drink, then the Libertad followed.

Libertad, the signature drink: a new invention. Old fashion style; sugar, spirits, and bitters. Smoked sugar in a cigar box, aged rum, cognac, and whiskey. Orange and chocolate bitters. The drink is smoked in beechwood chips with chocolate garnish and star anise.


Delicious food is served at this restaurant:

  • Fake Tabbouleh: never imagined eating chickpeas in a Tabbouleh. This special salad contains refreshing pomegranate, hard textured chickpeas and quinoa with parsley and tomato bathing in a strong lemony sauce. I loved the innovation and the flavors this salad offers.
  • Crispy calamari: thin and rounded calamari rings, deep fried and covered with a crunchy batter. Non-chewy calamari rings flavored with the homemade sauce made of apricot jam, honey, coriander, orange zest and red bell pepper. It’s not ready made.


  • You have to try the chorizo rolls: a mix of chorizo and cheese, caramelized onions, halloumi cheese, and zucchini. Deep-fried and served with a side sauce. They’re crunchy and flaky at the same time, enjoyable and addictive.
  • The orzo mushroom is something between rice and risotto, a better combination of both. A long sized rice prepared aldente and topped with fresh mushrooms and sweet potatoes. It has the adequate creaminess and good taste.


  • Grilled salmon with wild rice; it’s about a juicy salmon, aromatic wild rice and a sweet sauce combined all together to amaze. The taste of simple things combined together to impress.
  • The burger: a thick juicy patty served in a gourmet way. An open-faced burger with a thick meat patty on one side and a fresh green salad on the other bun. The burger plate has a handful of thick potato fries fingers ready to be dipped in ketchup and enjoyed. 

Fusion Desserts, prepared by the chef:

  • Cheesecake Halawat el Jeben; yes indeed, a crunchy layer of biscuits and a chewy heart of Halawa and Kashta feeling like a mastic.
  • Pain Gagné, a different version of the Pain Perdu.


Different from your conventional restaurant, Mains et Fleurs is more of an experience combining good food and good service while listening to great music and drinking excellent mixes: I’ll surely be back with my family soon.






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