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McDonald's New McFlurry Mars Series; Now in Lebanon

With the World Cup fiesta taking over the country, many restaurants and companies alike have launched special items, one of which is McDonald's special edition McFlurry.

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My story with McDonald's started a long time ago when I asked the world to have a look at how the local franchise did not reflect the international image of the brand. Back then, I asked for some special editions to be launched, more training of the staff and surely, and most importantly, new McFlurry flavors. I think we've all witnessed a better staff, the international flavors, of which two were reviewed in NGNO, and now, and finally, three new ice cream flavors. Since the rough article, I've published 17 articles about McDonald's stories.

I rushed to try them, one after the other and check the content. Unfortunately, this concept is inconsistent. I visited the Dora branch for three consecutive nights and ate three different versions of the mix.

Good to know:
  • All McFlurry have the same diary ice cream
  • Twix and Snickers use the same caramel bits wrapped with chocolate
  • Twix has crunchy biscuits covering the ice cream
  • Snickers has nuts covering the ice cream
  • Mars used balls of chocolate without any crunchy add-on
  • All three use the same caramel sauce
  • Those desserts are not mixed like the Oreo or Kitkat McFlurry. The ice cream and the topping over it are left as is
  • Every cup contains 360Kcal
Tasting the ice cream:
  • The first one was Twix: Different from the Oreo or Kitkat we previously tasted: the Twix McFlurry is a layer of caramel topped with ice cream and decorated with chunks of biscuits, reproducing the core of the Twix chocolate as well as balls of chewy chocolate for the envelop. Perfectly copied, this ice cream is a good replica of the bar we all love. A cup filed with some non-melting, but not cold enough, ice cream with a caramel sauce in the bottom of the cup and topped with bits of biscuits and chocolate caramel balls. I discovered later on that caramel should be added on top despite the fact that I preferred it that way. It might be a good idea to try and amend.
  • The second day, was Snickers: Bits of hard chewy chocolate, salted nuts and caramel sauce topping the famous ice cream. The same ice cream, cold this time, crunchy nuts but with super hard and unpleasantly chewy bits of caramel. The caramel is left on one side and added quickly. I wished the Twix experience was left in my head.
  • And, what made me stop wanting to eat those cups, was the last night, when I decided to order all three of them together. I received a melting ice cream and a smaller portion. An ice cream that melted so fast that I threw them away immediately as soon as I left the drive-thru. Three cups, thrown away after a single bite of Mars, which was my least favorite, not to say that I disliked it. Without any crunchy add-on, balls of chewy chocolate/caramel and topped with caramel. Too creamy, too sweet and too heavy. Didn't like it at all.

Some notes:

  • Make sure to look at your cup and verify if its melting or not before leaving the premises
  • I would recommend you ask for the caramel to be at the bottom
  • All cups look the same not as shown on the billboards
  • The carton cups have been produced for the UAE market back in 2013. The left overs are now sent to Lebanon

Searching the Web, I discovered that Twix, Snickers and Mars ice creams are produced differently in every country. Some use the original Twix chocolate broken into pieces, others have bits of biscuits wrapped in chocolate and the third version, which we do, is chocolate caramel bits and biscuits on the side. If carefully prepared like the first day I tried them, I encourage you to taste them. Start with Twix, my favorite, Snickers comes second and I'd personally avoid Mars.

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