June 25, 2015 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Mechwar Bdadoun and the Surrounding villages

Mechwar takes you weekly to a new village in Lebanon, where tasty bites are discovered, enjoyed and shared. I was at Bdadoun, but this village didn't have enough details to share so I ended up extending my trip into neighboring towns like Wadi Chahrour up to Souk el Ghareb... where I enjoyed a full day of discoveries.

Reach the city of Hadath, take the road to Wadi Chahrour and you'll find yourself climbing up the hill between tight roads surrounded by colorful fields. Wadi Chahrour, Houmal, Bdadoun, Bsous, Souk Al Ghareb, Aley, Chemlan and Aytat ... a fruitful day it is.

Not only did I enjoy the best Karabeej Lebanon and the world have to offer, but I witnessed one heck of a view up the hill of Chemlan. More so these villages are known for their produce of Janerek (sour plums), their green spaces, as well as their famous silk factory... and as you reach Aley expect to  enjoy tasty sandwiches and mouthwatering desserts.

Thank you Lea for the tour. Lea is from Bdadoun who's proud to be from a beautiful village up in the Aley district. She took us around this beautiful day.

How about you watch the video and travel with us to the districts of Baabda and Alley.





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