March 03, 2013

Miso Soup Dispenser: Hot Soup in Seconds

Here's a great new office, home and restaurant accessory - the One Shot Miso Soup Dispenser. You can now have hot, individually made miso soup in an instant.


This mini technological wonder comes from Japanese miso soup maker Marukome and is intended for use at smaller restaurants, cafeterias and even offices where between 50 and 100 bowls of delicious, healthy miso soup are consumed each day. Known as the “Wan Shot” this little gizmo is designed for specially made pre-packed miso soup pouches that come in 8 different flavors. This new machine is just like the Nescafe’s hugely popular “Nespresso” machine’s espresso capsules. With a pouch loaded, simply tap the button on the front of the unit and await your tasty snack.

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