July 30, 2018 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Miyagi: Good and Affordable Sushi Delivery in Metn
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Phone Number: +961 4 928112

Address: Centre Moukarzel, Mtayleb main road, Metn, Lebanon

Website: http://www.miyagisushi.net

Price Range: 45-65 $

Miyagi Sushi & Grill: A New Sushi Place in Mtayleb

Since Miyagi proposes Shisha with sushi, I decided to order some Japanese rolls home. Served in a carton pizza box, the sushi looks generous but a bit commercial with plastic sheets and lots of lettuce. Anyway, I enjoyed the first impression, a big box of crisps, two bottles of soy, spring onions and seaweed served on the side. Even though the boxes look like the ones at Pizza Hut, I was excited to try the seafood quality.


The salads to start, fresh salmon cubes ready for their crisps. A light crunch, a fresh taste and clear smell, the salmon quality is very good. The salmon and crab salad with avocados and mayonnaise is one I liked as well. Fresh, crunchy and balanced.

The rolls, good quality rolls, some warm and some cold, a hard-textured rice, not sweet and not soggy with a mix of seafood and crisps. I enjoyed the flavor profile, the ripe avocados, the sweet notes here and there and the creative side of every roll. 


For the price paid, and a ten percent discount tonight, Miyagi is an affordable casual sushi restaurant that’s -unfortunately- only good for delivery: sushi and shisha is the biggest mistake ever, not allowing this concept to grow.

I ordered sushi with low expectations, ended up enjoying them and already planning another order. Rich, generous, colorful, tasty and affordable. 

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