February 12, 2013 Mumbai India

Mumbai Airport and Duty Free: Not One of the Best Places to Visit

"Incredible India" is a slogan that has toured the world, that has brainwashed us on all international TV stations making us want to visit India. Yes India is a beautiful country, but unfortunately its airport does not reflect that. You are welcome into a small dirty hub which gives a bad first impression. This piece of concrete requires an immediate uplift.
India's touristic industry is high and for this they need a bigger, better and cleaner airport which can welcome travelers from all around the world. The way it is now is not acceptable. You reach a dirty road, enter a dirty terminal, continue into a small duty free with minimal choices before passing through the airport's oldest bridges I've ever seen. An airport with low ceiling, extremely bad for claustrophobic travelers. Mumbai International Airport is even dirtier than the Amman's one.
The only beautiful thing around here is the Emirates Terminal -I heard that the India Air one is as good as the Emirates one.
  • Money exchange
  • An Indian souvenirs shop
  • The Marin duty free shop for alcohol and fragrances
  • Crafts of India
  • MediaMart
  • Chokola
  • The lotus house
  • O2 Spa
  • My Foot
  • WH Smith
  • Paskma
  • Dmart Exclusif
  • Hemi's: Jewelry and Accessories


Many restaurants to choose from:
  • Swich
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Food Boulevard (noodle wok, curry kitchen, idli.com, KFC)
  • Coffee and More
  • Noir bar
  • Spice Bazaar
  • Subway
  • Cafeccino
  • The Martini Bar
  • Cafe Coffee Day
Next time you land in Mumbai, try accessing one of the lounges since the ambiance outside is not so pleasant. Its a tiny airport from the last century.
A small thing worth mentioning... A funny story happened today that made me appreciate the professionalism of the Indian airport security. A friend of mine sent her luggage to be fixed two months ago. Since then, she has traveled to Dubai, France, Kuwait and now India. Nobody noticed anything unusual up until today. The security officer at the airport in India made her pass the bag three times into the machine until he found a screw driver in the bag's protection zipper. Yes, a screw driver three countries didn't even notice before. Don't think about smuggling anything inside India...





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