September 26, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Muse: Lebanon's Newest Wine is Coming Strong

Muse is a wine born to inspire, captivate and compel. A work of true vinicultural art carefully crafted with exquisite handpicked grapes from the vineyards of Aynata, nestled in the picturesque lands of Lebanon’s fertile south. Muse was conceived by none other than France’s Michel Rolland, one of the world’s most revered winemakers and award-winning consultants, with a palate renowned for its penchant for inimitable, 100-point wines.
Envisioned in the great tradition of their mythical namesakes, Muse wines are designed to manifest that elusive mist of inspiration. They evoke the allure of femininity that has served as the ultimate creative catalyst for artists and and poets across millennia. It is the only choice for those who know not what it means to tame, but set their imagination alight, with an ever-youthful impulse never to look back, and nothing to regret.


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