January 11, 2019

My Favorite Eggs Benedict Discoveries From Around the World: 21 Mouthwatering Dishes

Eggs Benedict, also informally known as Eggs Benny, is a traditional American breakfast or brunch dish that consists of two halves of an English muffin topped with a poached egg, bacon or ham, and hollandaise sauce. The dish was first popularized in New York City. Many variations on the basic recipe are served.

A Sumptuous Breakfast at The Sofitel Arc de Triomphe

To have an even more detailed and complete idea of breakfast, we ordered the eggs Benedict, my favorite, as you may know. In a deep plate comes layered a slice of English muffin topped with thickly cut ham, a poached egg and lots of hollandaise sauce with another muffin on top. A hot plate, warm eggs, cold ham and fluffy muffin, the textures, and feelings of this plate are extraordinary. In the mouth, it's pure heaven. Everything melts in style while the flavors caress your taste buds. The only problem is that you have to add salt and pepper to the plate, which I think the chef should do.


Ladurée: A Fine Breakfast at Orly Airport

Eggs Benedict like I've never had before, a perfectly cooked poached egg, hard on the outside and molten on the inside, a bed of smoked salmon and sliced avocados. A plate decorated with crunchy and flaky bread fingers loaded with lemon. Delicious salmon, ripe avocados and superb eggs with a fine Hollandaise sauce. A recommended plate full of flavor: a hint of salt here, an explosion of pepper there and a boost of freshness... It's a beautifully decorated masterpiece.


Angelina Paris: An Irresistible Experience

The eggs Benedict landed on a table, a small portion served on a small plate, a plate that inspires class. One thick slice of white bread, lightly toasted and left to absorb the hollandaise sauce; on top are two bacon slices, lightly pan-fried, two mini poached eggs and the hollandaise sauce. It’s simple yet intense in flavors. I have had better but never this way.


Lafayette New York: Stylish Eggs Benedict and Heartwarming Pancakes

Presented in a cast iron casserole, the eggs Benedict looked awesome! A masterpiece created with fresh ingredients. Two beautifully poached eggs, a bed of sautéed spinach, fresh smoked salmon and two pieces of brioche toast. It took me five minutes to even begin to touch them, as I was taking pictures from all angles to make sure the moment was immortalized. Extremely tasty is the least that can be said. Poached to perfection, the eggs are hot, salted and peppered, on top of sautéed spinach and quality salmon. You feel the love poured into this plate, the butter added, the pepper, the richness of the salmon and the lemony Hollandaise turning normal eggs into awesome eggs. The toast was just as good; lightly crunchy, warm and soft which an airy lightness.


Benedict: A Restaurant Built Around Eggs!

Truffle eggs Benedict: bun, big poached eggs, spinach and truffle sauce hollandaise. Two big eggs like the description suggests are poached to perfection leaving heir heart molten and yellow. Those eggs are served on a fresh bun, tender bread topped with a bed of spinach. On top is the sauce, lots of sauce, a mix of hollandaise and truffles turning the mix into a black emulsion embracing the restaurant with aromas.


The Hardware Société Paris: When Food Has Another Meaning! The Lobster Benedict Rock

Lobster Benedict: lobster, citrus hollandaise foam, soft herbs, bun noir, 64-degree eggs. I’ve had eggs Benedict but never as innovative, classy, good looking and tasty at the same time! So fresh and so well balanced, the black colored burger bun, the huge load of lobster meat, the crunchy fennel and the two poached eggs on top all covered with a delicious hollandaise. All perfect from creation to delivery, shape, and taste, this plate rocks!


Baker & Spice: Breakfast on the Fountain in Dubai

I loved the eggs Benedict and hollandaise sauce taste. The fresh fruits in crunchy granola. The thinly sliced avocado laid on fluffy toast with a flavorful sauce. The poached eggs are cooked to perfection, a heart that flows like water and an envelop that slides in the teeth. The pancakes, different from any I’ve ever had, blueberries and fruit compote. The pancakes are not chewy and fluffy enough.


Lobo 8; The Tastiest, and Sexiest, Gourmet Eggs Benedict, are Found in Madrid

Oh my goodness... is this real?! I ask myself. I’ve had eggs Benedict, and believe me, I’ve had hundreds around the world, but this one... OMG! Real English muffins hosting watery poached eggs, topped with Iberian ham, covered with sauce hollandaise and drizzled with truffle oil. Surreal, this plate is surreal... a very tender English muffin, superb fresh eggs, a beautifully textured ham, and that Hollandaise; a super duper intense hollandaise, strongly acidic, enjoyably creamy and strongly flavorful. Two thumbs up chef for making my day. You know when you eat something and feel like your brain is going to explode... when you eat that same thing and feel your eyes closing uncontrollably... when you start moaning forgetting that you are in a public space... today I’ve experienced foodgasm in the best way possible. Exceptionally superb, this is surely one of the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever tasted.


Breakfast at Gramercy Kitchen New York: Coffee and Fresh Vibes

Eggs Benedict, on another hand, served on a bed of thickly cut smoked salmon are good! Two portions on a bed of English muffins and a thick hollandaise sauce. I liked the hollandaise and its subtle acidity, the quality of the hash browns, the chewiness of the bun and the level of cooking. Two eggs poached to perfection with the runny yolk.


Breakfast at De L’Europe hotel Amsterdam

Breakfast is served every morning and will cost you 42€. Eggs any style, a buffet of fine choices, fruits and cereals, bread and viennoiseries. All you need without sophistication and complication. I loved everything, the fluffy pancakes, the unique eggs Benedict, the croissants and the quality of cheeses and hams.


My New Favorite Breakfast Experience: Hotel Kempinski Beirut

Loved the food; had the eggs Benedict, two poached eggs served on a bed of toasted bread and covered with sauce hollandaise; one version with salmon and another with crispy pork bacon. Sunnyside up, yellow-colored and shiny presented with a touch of simplicity. A soft and fluffy pancake. A crispy waffle with a smooth heart served with Nutella and maple syrup. After that the manager offered me a complimentary plate of avocado and bananas with honey; that’s a yummy plate I’d recommend you ask for.


Sadelle’s New York: The Unique Caramel Sticky Bun

The Eggs Benedict! OMG! How many have you enjoyed with an English muffin that’s so fluffy and airy that it dissolves under the palate? How many times have you enjoyed a lemony and intense hollandaise that’s as creamy as it should be? How many times have the eggs been poached just right and the salmon warm at the same temperature of the eggs and hollandaise? Let me tell you that this doesn’t happen often! I loved it so much and confirm it as one of New York’s best!


Your Ultimate Breakfast Experience at the Four Seasons Beirut

Superb salmon quality, beautifully poached eggs, and excellent sauce Hollandaise... but why this mini burger bun? The bread which is supposed to be an English muffin was better; the quality has changed and I beg you to reconsider.


Breakfast at The Smith New York

Indeed, breakfast was memorable. The eggs Benedict were awesome, heavy but extremely flavorful and cooked to perfection. Poached eggs with a flowing yolk, a unique Hollandaise sauce - creamy, full-bodied and enjoyable lemony. The muffin is also memorable, thin with a crisp crust and a soft heart. Bravo a hundred times for such a creation, which I can gladly recommend as amongst the best eggs Benedict in New York.


The Park South Hotel New York: An Enjoyable Stay and Awesome Breakfast!

How the eggs Benedict are presented with side fried potato cubes on a bed of shredded ham. How the bagel is served with tomatoes and onions. How the croissant shines and whets your appetite just looking at it.


Breakfast at The Marriott Essex House NYC: The Best Eggs Benedict!

The eggs Benedict, officially the best I've ever had to date. Let me tell you how it works. When I like something I don't even think... I just start moaning uncontrollably, my tongue turns around my mouth, I feel things happening around my taste buds and here I say; oh WOW! I have another bite and here I confirm that I've had something memorable and phenomenal. Thin and extremely tender English muffins, poached eggs that are big in size with a flowing heart, premium quality smoked Canadian bacon tender like you can't imagine and the hollandaise: the chef deserves applause. A thick zesty hollandaise like it should be. I reconfirm it is the best eggs Benedict I've had to date. Unbelievable! Speechless! A phenomenal eggs Benedict. The plate is served with asparagus, tomato, and diced potatoes.


Breakfast at Le Gray in Beirut: Enjoy The View and Have Delicious Spinach Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict with spinach is to die for! An exceptional combination of spinach, hollandaise sauce, and a runny poached egg. I loved the balance, the acidity, the creaminess, and the taste.


Breakfast at Mosaic: A Rich and Generous Breakfast in Beirut

The eggs Benedict are special and different. Different to all the other eggs Benedict I've had before because the muffin is soft and moist, a kind of choux lightly heated in the grill compared to the hard textured English muffins you usually get. The eggs are poached to perfection, light and moist. The sauce is light-bodied, the general taste is good, not intense and not gourmet but enjoyable as it should be. The green parsley on top was not too pleasant to chew and I would recommend it is left of the dish.


Joseph Leonard: It’s Breakfast at Home in New York City

Two poached eggs with a thick toasted pain de campagne spread with mashed avocados mixed with spices. This is not real! This is magic, surely not simple food. I licked my lips again and again while that fiesta of food played around my mouth.


Balthazar: French Vibes in New York

Eggs Benedict: Tender thin English muffin, poached egg, tangy hollandaise and watery chunks of potatoes on the side. Feels light without being too heavy, the eggs Benedict are stylish with a touch of finesse.


The Egg & I: A Homey American Breakfast

Unconventional eggs Benedict that is creamier and fattier with no finesse whatsoever, but I liked them! Another plate of Corned beef with sunny side up eggs. The avocado omelet is my favorite of all three. The savory plates are served with fried potato cubes.






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