April 13, 2013

Nespresso Launches an Ode to Italy and its Diverse Coffee Cultures

Trieste and Naples are the source of inspiration for the latest Nespresso Limited Edition coffees 


Nespresso was inspired by the remarkable, yet diverse, coffee cultures of Italy and has chosen to celebrate two unique Italian cities and their cultures of coffee.  Trieste and Naples, two cities equally passionate about coffee yet with distinct coffee cultures, have both contributed significant chapters to the worldwide history of coffee. Trieste and Napoli, the unique and contrasting Limited Edition coffees, represent Nespresso’s interpretation of these two emblematic cities and their cultures of coffee.



The Nespresso Trieste Limited Edition Grand Cru is a reflection of the rich and varied cultural experience that the city of Trieste offers. Trieste, which sits at the crossroads of Italian, Germanic and Slavic cultures, is a city which echoes, through its neo-classical architecture, of the greatness of the Habsburg Dynasty, which commanded the Holy Roman Empire. As the main entrance to one of the world’s premier historical powers, the Austro-Hungarian empire, all green coffee bound for the coffee houses of Vienna came into Trieste. In fact, the way in which Trieste inhabitants take their coffee is representative of this many-faceted port – a mix of German, Latin and Slavic cultures. Coffee in Trieste can be taken with milk, without milk, long or short. If there was one sign that really demonstrated the special place coffee has in this city, the inhabitants of Trieste have even created their own specific language around their coffee – “nero” is an espresso, “capo” is with a dash of milk and coffee served in a glass rather than the usual china cup is “in b”. Trieste’s sophisticated coffee houses on the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, where the moneyed aristocracy met, were also famed gathering places for intellectuals to debate matters of philosophy and culture. Even today coffee houses as places of intellectual and creative pursuit are renowned in Trieste. The Trieste Limited Edition, a delicate blend of Arabica beans, is characterised by a rounded texture with notes of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts. Refreshingly fruity notes bring out an exceptional subtlety in this coffee. Limited Edition Trieste has an intensity level of 9 and is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25 ml). For true coffee and milk lovers, the Limited Edition Trieste reveals another aspect of its character when served as a Cappuccino.



Heaving with life in all of its shades of light and dark, Naples is a behemoth of culture in the history of Europe, and a vibrant city in the South of Italy. Coffee has a special place here. Since the end of the 17th century, it has been synonymous with hospitality, friendship and precious moments with family. Naples is the city where the first domestic appliance to prepare coffee; the caffettiera napoletana, was invented. This brought coffee consumption from being an aristocratic drink which was enjoyed in cafés, to the home as a domestic pleasure. And there is only one way for Neapolitans to take their coffee: short and dark, a sharp, jolt to the senses, as is the city of Naples itself. “Caffè” is the word used to order what others call “espresso”. The Nespresso interpretation of the concentrated “Black Gold” of Naples is a coffee of high intensity and body with fine smoky notes and an aromatic woodiness. The Napoli Limited Edition is a blend of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta. Bold and assertive with a syrupy body, it is characterised by refined smoky notes. Its aroma has scents of dried black tea leaves. Limited Edition Napoli has an intensity level of 11 and is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25 ml). However, for an even more authentic tasting experience, this Limited Edition can be enjoyed as an even shorter cup than a ristretto (15-20ml). The Limited Edition Napoli is traditionally enjoyed with sugar.


The art of coffee tasting Compare the full richness of these Limited Edition coffees and fully enjoy your tasting moment as a coffee expert. Every coffee is unique. A coffee's crema, body, aroma, taste and intensity all play a part in its richness and bring to life infinite experiences. In order to fully enjoy the tasting experience, discover and compare the Limited Editions Trieste and Napoli side by side.

  • The crema

Formed by mixing air and liquid, the crema develops and protects the rich aromas of our Grand Crus. The Limited Edition Napoli has a slightly darker crema than the Limited Edition Trieste. This difference is due to their composition: the Napoli coffee of Nespresso is a blend of a Robusta and Arabicas, whereas Trieste coffee of Nespresso is 100% composed of Arabicas.

  • The aroma

The aroma is a complex sensation experienced by the nose and palate when you take a sip of coffee. The Limited Edition Napoli gives off the woody and smoky aromas enhanced by a long roasting process. The Limited Edition Trieste, on the other hand, reveals notes of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts.

  • The taste

A sip of coffee will stimulate the taste buds, revealing sweetness with the tip of the tongue. Acidity can be tasted at the sides of the tongue, while the back of the tongue senses bitterness. In its after notes, the Limited Edition Napoli is bitter, whereas the Limited Edition Trieste is characterised by a subtle touch of acidity.

  • The body

A coffee's body is related to its density in the mouth. A strong coffee is very full bodied. A lighter-bodied coffee, on the other hand, is perceived as liquid or fluid. The Limited Edition Napoli has a distinctive syrupy body, due to its long roasting and the origins of the beans, while the body of the Limited Edition Trieste is silkier.

  • The intensity

Intensity does not indicate the amount of caffeine in a coffee, but rather the degree of roasting, its body and its bitterness. Limited Edition Napoli has a stronger intensity rating (11) than Limited Edition Trieste (9).


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