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New York's Sexiest Food Discoveries of 2018

I can't get enough of New York. I have been there ten times already, and each 10-day trip was a full food experience one… I have tried enough pastrami sandwiches, cookies, burgers and desserts to feel the nostalgia of this city that moves so fast. Surely there’s more to discover and more to enjoy, but for the meantime, I think I've discovered enough places to give you my Top10 list of favorite restaurants and tasty discoveries to satisfy your taste buds in the Big Apple.

Bluestone Lane: Positive Vibes in the Morning

In the heart of New York with many locations open already, Bluestone is your splash of positivity on an early morning. No seating, no tables, simply coffee and sandwiches, grab and go. “I feel good” playing in the background, brightly lit, happy baristas, an open display of juices and granola, croissants and pastries... that place makes you feel good.


Van Leeuwen: One of New York’s Best Ice Cream Shops, The Black Sesame

The ice cream place sells sundaes, ice cream jars and read to eat cones. Ice cream is prepared in recyclable carton cups or waffle cones. Choose one out of dozens of innovative flavors of which the cookie crumble and strawberry jam, planet earth, earl grey tea, Black sesame ash chocolate cake, candied walnuts and seasonal fruit compote among others. After eating five different kinds of ice cream, this place is confirmed to be the best. Milky and adequately creamy, the ice cream is not too sweet but offers the real flavors of ice cream.


Wafels and Dinges; Cravings on the Go in New York

Wow... I screamed wow! A waffle that took five minutes to prepare transformed my mood! An exceptional waffle having the needed crunch to it and covered with a mountain of sweet delights. The liege waffle with dulce de lèche offers a crunch followed by a sweet note of creaminess. The Turtle waffle is awesome, dulce de lèche, crunchy walnuts and Belgian chocolate fudge. Best for last, the baconana is made of smoked crispy bacon, ripe bananas. And Belgian Chocolate on top.


Supermoon Bakehouse: Iconic, Unique, Innovative and Shockingly Tasty

Let me tell you about a place where art is the driver. A big space where only a few stools are available with six stone tables. A square box with light coming from the ceiling to shine on a table, one single table where food is displayed to be shot by your phone. It’s where baking has another meaning, where aromas enchant, where music transports and where food makes you want to scream. The Bakehouse is not like any bakeshop and definitely not like any coffee shop, it’s all about art transforming ingredients into edible things.


Lenwich; New York’s Favorite Sandwich Place and Good Looking Eats

It’s called Lenwich and I already tried nine of their sandwiches and visited three of their locations; Lenwich is the home of loaded sandwiches beautifully designed to make your mouth water. 


Manousheh New York: A True Lebanese Bakery, Amazing Manakish!

Ambassador of great culinary know-how, Manousheh has exported the true taste of the Lebanese “Manouche” to New York. I’ve been here several times already and still feel goosebumps every time I walk in. It feels Lebanese, it smells Lebanese and tastes as great as the food back home. Meet Naji, the chef behind every single fluffy wrap. I discovered Zaatar with avocado in New York and still crave it every time I visit.


Union Fare New York: The World Sexiest Croissants

Imagine an eye candy croissant, red inside out and decorated with red cake crumbles. Bite into it and let the explosion awaken your senses. Loaded with cream, embraced by a flaky dough, the croissant is like none I’ve seen before. Lightly flaky and buttery at the same time, the croissant has a light chewiness to it with a subtle sweetness while the inner cream cheese-filling pops. So yummy!


Sadelle’s New York: The Unique Caramel Sticky Bun

You’ll feel transported from the minute you walk in, welcomed by the salmon and caviar bar action, the big communal table, the two large paintings and the bakery located on the upper level. Light blue is the color, Tiffany’s blue, white marble tables, light brown leather sofas and old brick walls. Rustic yet fresh and colorful, I knew that today’s experience was going to be fun!


Levain: The World’s Best Cookie is Found in New York! #Mouthwatering and #Sexy

Walnuts, Chocolate Chips... Oh, my Lord, that's awesome, that's amazingly awesome. Crunchiness, molten heart, light bodied walnuts... A sensation the mind can't find words to describe. This signature cookie is packed with semi-sweet chocolate chips and chunks of walnuts so every single bite is as good as the one before. Huge, thick, and gooey but crisp on the outside, the New York Times says these “may possibly be the largest, most divine chocolate chip cookies in Manhattan.” 


The Donut Pub; New York’s Exceptional Doughnuts

I’ll be straightforward and skip the introductions; I’ve had thousands of Donuts in my life but never as good as the one at The Donut Pub. It’s an old looking place with a long bar up front, coffee, and sandwiches sold at American Diners and a display o Donuts! Donuts all the way, eye candy Donuts of all colors and sizes waiting to be devoured. I sat and ordered 3 of their doughnuts.


New York’s Iconic Kellogg’s Cereals Store; For the Hidden Child in You

I was walking union square when a signboard grabbed my attention. A Kellogg’s shop but not a store; there is something happening on the first floor. Not so exciting I said to myself, but let’s see what’s the Kellogg’s store is all about. I took the stairs, walked up and reached a big space that immediately drew a smile on my face. 


New York's Sushi Burger is a Must Try!

I came here for the sushi burger. Yes, that special sushi burger which made it all over social media. RedEye Grill is an upscale diner. Under a high ceiling is what can be described as a kind of an American kind of brasserie, with its warm tones, decorative paintings, leather sofas, and a middle bar. RedEye is a restaurant that serves seafood specialties in a cozy ambiance. I was eager to try the sushi burger.


One Real Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft cream in a cup: corn flake-flavored ice cream covered with crunchy flakes, gives a taste of the morning like cold milk and that famous cereal. Concentrated soft ice cream that feels like a cup of milk with those crunchy crumbs on top, which are not like the normal flakes we know but harder and crunchier, adding a light hint of saltiness to the mix. This ice cream indeed deserves the hype around it.






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