January 06, 2015 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

NoGarlicNoOnions at Tawlet: A Venture Where Love for Food and Lebanon Unite
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961-1-448129

Address: Sector 79, Naher Street, Mar Mikhael, Facing Spoiler Center, Beirut, Lebanon

Website: http://www.tawlet.com/

Price Range: 20-35 $

With the collaboration of Tawlet’s main man, Kamal Mouzawak, I was able to experience something many only dream of in Lebanon. An early Christmas I call it, when Kamal generously gathered around 15 women to come cook and share their experience and culture around one big table. It was peaceful - cooking was the only language and Lebanon was the only cause. How often does this happen… or how often would you get to experience this peaceful feeling in Lebanon…


On normal days at Tawlet, along with Chef Fady Ayoub and Sous-Chef Nada Rizk, a woman from different parts of the country comes, cooks and shares her culture with customers at Tawlet. Every time I went there over the years, I enjoyed some original food…

Imagine having 15 of them on the same day… The lunch was even more special. It was extravagant... I was stunned and left amazed. One table, more than a dozen different Lebanese dialects being spoken simultaneously… I met all the women, had lunch with them and got to meet each one of them more… What a beautiful feeling, what a beautiful gathering... where there was no talk of politics or religion. 


On the menu:

  • Tabbouleh by Jamileh Nohra
  • Fattouch by Zeinab Kashmar
  • The all green salad by Tawlet
  • Kebbeh Nayyeh by Georgina El Bayeh
  • Kebbeh Basaliyeh by Maria Douweihy
  • Mtabbal Fleifleh Hamra by Fadia Shaptini
  • Akkoub bel Hamoud by Reema Massoud
  • Samkeh Harra by Josephine Ghaleb
  • Souberek by Sona Tikidjian
  • Friket Khodra by Zeinab Kashmar
  • Daoud Basha by Sayde Rizkallah
  • Shish Barak by Nada Saber
  • Warak Eenab b Lahmeh by Suzanne Doueihy
  • Hrisset Djeij by Zeina Ibrahim
  • Fweregh by Georgina el Bayeh
  • Reshta by Nada Saber
  • Sabbidij by Maguy Mouhawas

The food was awesome... The real feel of authentic homemade food like you've never eaten before: 

  • FreekehMoist well-cooked wheat mixed with tender chicken, cooked onions, seasoned with spices, a perfect mix. I'm not a Freekeh fan but this one is awesome!


  • Kebbe: Homemade with lots of love and dedication, the Kebbe from Zgharta is like none you've had in your life. A crunchy top with a juicy heart and a grilled onions bottom. This Kebbe is not constituted of two layers and stuffing in the middle but one single side. A toasted thin layer, tender Kebbe and extreme juiciness. I love it so much that I go down to Souk el Tayyeb to buy some.


  • Souberegh, the authentic Armenian delicious puff pastry.


  • Stuffed grapevine leaves with meat (wara2 3arish): You have to taste it to understand how superb it is... No words can describe its magic. Lemony, well seasoned, tender and soft like butter, and full of love. I adored it!


  • Red pepper and moutabbal purée is awesome. Smooth, not too acidic and offers a subtle spicy taste. The textures and richness make you want to constantly lick your lips after each bite. 


  • Fawaregh... I've already had them last month and think they're the best out there. The rice, the spices, the soft envelope... and most importandly the way they are individually rolled... Bravo Georgina.


  • Tabbouleh... Fresh greenery from the village of Saghbine in a plate. Every crunch, every explosion, is Lebanon’s history in a plate. 


  • Akkoub: A wild plant only found in the mountains, is prepared with lemon and olive oil. Indeed, you have to try it to understand. These plants melt under the teeth like heaven.


  • Samke Harra: This dish is often known to be red in color, the one here is served with herbs offering a green robe. Even though not too hard to prepare, you have to be a master to make the samke. Well-cooked fish perfectly marinated in herbs and decorated with crunchy fried almonds.


  • Daoud Bacha: Small chunks of meat cooked in a tomato sauce with grilled pine nuts. Flavorful, the meat is enjoyably chewy while the nuts crunch in style. Uffff... :Loved it cause it's not overloaded with onions. That's what food is all about.


  • Laban, shish Barak and passion.Y es, passion in a plate where the dough is hard and crunchy, the meat is tender, and the Laban is sour... Orgasmic!


  • Rechta: Al dente cooked lentil with fingers of baked bread, a lemon juice and a secret recipe to put a smile on your face.


  • Kebbe Nayyeh: The real kebbeh nayyeh from Zgharta. Authentic, fresh and ready to impress.


Desserts: What other than the best...


  • Maamoul produced at home by Mrs. Jamile Nohra


What a lunch! I can’t just describe it as a lunch but a journey around Lebanon. I was so happy to meet the lovely ladies, talked to each one of them and learned more about their village and their food traditions. I believe the video says it all. 

Travel with me around our beloved Lebanon.





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