February 13, 2016

NoGarlicNoOnions Goes Green!

NoGarlicNoOnions has reconfirmed its commitment to the environment by installing solar panels to power its operations. 

W Clinic Solar Energy

In this day and age we all have to take steps to make the world a better place and we are committed to using solar energy wherever we can.

With totally green energy, NoGarlicNoOnions has been powered for the last year entirely by renewable power, removing any environmental impact the company had. The solar panels provide enough energy (25 ampers) to power all the office needs. 

Solar panels, or Photovoltaic Cells, convert the potential energy contained in the sun’s rays into electricity. With no carbon footprint, the cells transform natural light, allowing it to power the entire NoGarlicNoOnions office. It’s important nowadays to do what we can to embrace green technology wherever possible, and we think that green power is the way forward.

W Clinic Solar Energy 3


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