March 11, 2013

NoGarlicNoOnions Rating Criteria is Clear

This month marks the first anniversary of NoGarlicNoOnions and after receiving so many emails inquiring about how NoGarlicNoOnions works and more about my rating system, I decided to share my weekly discoveries with you, the hard work that goes into each review which brings you the truth and nothing but the truth about restaurants and hotels from the four corners of the world. Eating, discovering, taking pictures, writing and publishing are all a hard job that takes up to four hours per article.

Critic Ratatouille  

  • First and foremost - honesty is my motto
  • I always keep my expectations real, never comparing an establishment with one of my regular favorites
  • I always remember to distinguish what and where, I am reviewing. A street food eatery is not comparable to a Michelin stared establishment
  • I assure you that I order a variety of food choices which give me a broader experience of the menu in front of me. I already gained 12kgs and counting. Every review includes a minimum of an appetizer, main course and dessert
  • I don't accept complimentary food or invitations
  • I consider the ambiance, the service, the staff, the details...
  • I try to always offer fair constructive criticism. Remember I am human after all
  • My iPad never leaves my hands: I assess the food as consumed so the reviews are real, passionate and fresh
  • I love asking the staff questions. Do they know where the food is sourced, can they describe the dish well, do they know if the meat is organic...
  • Every dish is shot from different angles to show its consistency, freshness and composition. No flash is used and my techniques are gentle and non annoying to the staff and customers. As discretely as you can imagine.
  • All my reviews are made discretely. I turn up unannounced like a mystery shopper.
  • I sometimes share my opinion with the staff after I have eaten about the food and service and leave my famous cards are left with the paid bill.
  • I don't write anything that is rude as its unprofessional.
  • Restaurants are categorized by their cuisinecountries visited and cities visited.
  • My marking system that cannot miss:




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