December 04, 2016 Oman GCC Middle East

Oman's Best Restaurant: Where Fine Dining and Luxury Meet!
Non-smokers friendly
Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +968 22 077777

Address: Royal Opera House Muscat, Muscat, Oman ( 12PM - 11PM)


Price Range: 100-130 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

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You can't visit Muscat and not dine at "Al Angham"... "Al Angham" is the first of its kind in Oman. Inspired by Omani architecture the restaurant boasts unique Omani patterns, designs and silverware scattered in the different corners of the restaurant and halls; the tables are even covered with magnificent motifs taken from authentic Omani heritage.


The restaurant serves the most delicious of Omani traditional dishes like Shiwa, Harees, Jareesh, O’rsyia and many others. You'll experience Omani hospitality the second you enter the restaurant. The Omani staff's superior service ensures the finest experience in an atmosphere where the present meets an authentic revival of the ancient past.

The restaurant is located after the Indus on the stretch of restaurants attached to the main compound of the Royal Opera House. Al Angham does not allow walk-ins - you must book in advance to dine at this restaurant.

The seating area at Al Angham is breathtaking. The ceiling, the wood work and everything else is just as elegant and as intricate as the inside of the Royal Opera House. If you’ve been to the Royal Opera House, this is the restaurant version of it. In addition to the main dining area, there are three private dining halls, one that takes ten, another that takes eight and a bigger one that provides floor seating. The private dining halls only offer set menus and do not offer à la carte orders.


The menu of Al Angham is really quite long with about 70 different items ranging from salads, soups, hot appetisers, main dishes, and desserts.

The food is delicious! Memorable, carefully handcrafted, created with love and such dedication, know how poured into every millimetre of it and flavors that erupt one after the other. The presentation is up to fine dining standards with silver cutlery and crystal glasses.


Bread - five kinds of it - give a different experience in every bite. Some include cardamom, others dried dates, oil and ghee. I loved the harissa soup with tender meat and over cooked wheat. The plate has spices in it which make of it one of the best harissa I've ever had.

More plates landed on the table, harissa, Omani Shuwa - this amazingly tender meat which is cooked slowly underground for a whole day - and chicken. The dishes' presentation, the fine taste, the intense spices and the premium service were truly memorable. 

Dinner ended win a selection of Omani sweets; Asida, Farni, Sawiya and Khabisa bel Fandal and ice cream made from Luban. A journey in each miniature bite.


I left amazed by the quality of this fine restaurant. If the Michelin guide started rating restaurants in the Gulf, this one would be on top of the list. A recommended place to try.

Suitable For: Authentic & Traditional





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