February 13, 2013

On board Emirates Business Class to Mumbai, India

Where should I start? Maybe I should with the welcoming glass of champagne? Or the massage chair? The 19inch screen, the touch control panel, the thick and fluffy pillow or the choice of food?  The list goes on... A modern high-tech fairy tale experience it what you will experience, to say the least. 
On board Emirates Boeing 777 is a big business class where individual seats are organized one next to other. Every passenger is entitled to a certain privacy with a wooden wall installed between every chair. A pillow, bed cover and noise reduction headphones are prepared to welcome you immediately into a pleasant journey. With no time to waste, the ICE entertainment system is active from the minute you step on board with more than 600 programs and activities to choose from.
The details:
  • Flower bouquets decorate the business class
  • The crew took our order before taking off to ensure quick preparation. No food trolly is allowed in the alleys of the Business Class
On today's menu:
  • A complete bar service filled with any alcohol choice you might imagine
  • Breakfast fruits: a palette of ripe tropical and seasonal cut fresh fruits
  • Yoghurt: Selection of fruit-flavored yoghurt
  • Anda Taka Tak: fresh boiled eggs in rich tomato masala, served with paneer cutlet and herb roasted plum tomato
  • Kesari: breakfast favorite of Semolia cooked with raisins and cashew nuts, served with paneer mint toasters and Amritsari Chole
  • Woodland Mushroom Omelette: farmhouse fresh egg omelette filled with creamy woodland mushrooms, served crisp grilled turkey rashers, herb roasted plum tomato, woodland mushroom tomato sauce and golden fried potato wedges
  • Bread: bread rolls, local bread, butter croissants served with butter and jams
What can I say. I am speechless. If you didn't experience the Business Class on board Emirates Airlines yet, you still haven't tried anything. No European airline offers even 10% of what this company has to offer.
The culinary experience:
  • It starts by setting up the table with a neat white napkin followed by a tray filled with fine preparations: A bowl of fresh fruits, butter, salt and yogurt, jams and a selection of sugar.
  • Here the cutlery is silver and the napkins soft as silk.
  • I loved the fresh fruit selection: mango, orange, watermelon, pineapple, melon, passion fruit and raisins
  • Delicious Swiss premium strawberry yogurt by Emmi
  • The Indian selection was not my favorite, but it looked nice
  • The omelette's portion is appetizing and the preparations acceptable.
The minus:
I loved :
  • How the host passes by with a jug of apple juice and another with of orange juice followed by Moët & Chandon champagne
  • The Robert Welch cutlery especially designed for Emirates Airlines
  • AeroMobile accompanied me on this flight
An unforgettable experience, I fell in love with. Just when I thought the experience has ended, a personal chauffeur was waiting for us at the airport to drive us to the hotel. An Emirates tag, a smile, the driver and his supervisor available to give us a premium welcoming into India.





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On Board Emirates Airlines Economy Class: Beirut-Dubai


Emirates Business Lounge, Mumbai International Airport