June 27, 2016

PANTONE Pop Up Café Opens Again in Monaco

PANTONE Café is back again this year creating foods inspired by various hues in its color system. From smoothies to cookies, the iconic design system makes meals more fun, and it’s the driving force behind one pop-up restaurant.

Bold in color, the café offers coffee, sandwiches, desserts, and refreshing drinks. Every menu item is assigned a corresponding hue and is named after its color or specific ingredient.

A bright red drink is called Strawberry Ice and has a similarly-hued koozie that highlights its visual intensity. To produce some of its other treats, the Pantone Café collaborated with the French juicery Yumi who used ingredients like rosemary, carrots, and fennel in their creations.


The colorful eatery will sit on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, overlooking a serene oceanic landscape from
from 14 July to 9 September.
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