August 29, 2012

Peanut Butter is No Longer Plain. It Just Got a Makeover!

Peanut butter just got a makeover, as Planters introduces a new PB that has a bit of a punch. Created for adventure-seekers, the new line is the first national brand to add wholesome ingredients like bananas, granola, berries, raisins, cinnamon and nuts into its peanut butter. The Planters NUT-rition varieties are a delicious new take on the peanut butter people have come to love. Newswire reports that made with a peanut butter base, Planters NUT-rition peanut butter is nutrient dense and a good source of energy, providing six to seven grams of protein per serving and at least five vitamins and minerals, depending on variety[i]. "Planters NUT-rition peanut butter will change the way PB lovers think about their favorite staple," said Jon Hall, Brand Manager at Kraft Foods. "Once fans get a taste of NUT-rition, we know they'll be hooked! It's time for all of us to expect more from peanut butter." Made with real chunks of granola and dried fruit, Planters NUT-rition is a perfect combination that results in zero grams of trans fat per serving and endless snack options. The good source of energy and delicious taste this mix provides will satisfy consumers ready to take on whichever adventure they choose to pursue. Planters NUT-rition peanut butter is available nationwide in 12 oz. jars, with a suggested retail price of $3.49-$3.99. It's available in three flavors: Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut, Banana Granola Nut and Berry Nut.
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