December 10, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Pizza Cups: Try the Limited Edition Holidays Specials

Phone Number: +961 1 888 792

Address: Zalka Highway, Lebanon


Price Range: 10-25 $

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat... Oh this good old Christmas rhyme makes me smile especially  when I feel like the goose during the days that lead up to the festivities... Tasting some of the most amazing creations conceptualized locally, I'm in awe. A while ago I tried Pizza Cups and now that the season is heating up, Pizza Cups have created some new Christmas specials just for the occasion. Yes, happily I can say that Pizza Cups have grown bigger and bigger and have expanded their menu since the last time I tried them in October. Here, to try their new flavors, I gathered up some friends at home and enjoyed some of the tastiest bites I have ever tried...


Pizza Cups are small bites that come in a large variety of 12 salty choices and 3 sweet ones, you will be impressed and so will your guests when you invite them over. The concept in few lines:

  • A new kind of cupcakes are now in town
  • Pizza Cups are real Pizzas with a thin dough that can be ordered for parties and events
  • Enjoy the real taste of Pizza in two or three bites
  • Pizza cups are perfect for your cravings where pork, beef, turkey, vegetables and sweets are all found in one of the 12 choices of savory pizzas
  • To complete the experience, 3 sweet pizzas can roundup your dinner in style
  • Pizza Cups are homemade products, produced at home and delivered by the owners themselves
  • Love and passion is felt in every bite
  • Pizza Cups are great for parties, events and group gatherings

Homemade from scratch, Pizza Cups are a new local invention, created and not copied from anywhere in the world. Searching for a new homemade catering idea, while staying away from cookies, Lebanese cuisine and fried cheese rolls, Pizza Cups was conceptualized.


Good to know before you order:

  • Pizza Cups are not a last minute dinner, they should be ordered at least 48 hours in advance
  • The family kitchen is in Rabweh, Metn. Cups are received warm as each is baked to be delivered. You need to heat them three minute in an oven (Never in a microwave)
  • Salty: Crust or whole wheat
  • Sweet: Cinnamon crust
  • 6 vegetarian and 6 meat (normal or whole wheat)
  • Pork and beef, turkey, ham… All options
  • Prices are between 20,000L.L and 30,000L.L a dozen. Sweet pizzas are between 20,000L.L and 25,000L.L
  • The holiday specials are for 45,000L.L

It was 8pm when my phone rang. Mr. Meguerdich, owner and cook called me personally to inquire about the address. I was happy to know that the concept still hasn't changed and the owners do deliver and take care of their customers themselves. He was so kind and so happy to explain about his latest creations he had just finished cooking up a few hours ago, with the help of his wife. The little details I loved:

  • You won’t believe the professionalism behind this concept. The pictures reflect every flavor and their minimalist logo is just what the brand needs
  • Goods are delivered in recycled carton boxes each branded with a nice sticker mentioning the different choices inside
  • Stickers, carefully designed for the salty and sweet pizzas with boxes to mark the content
  • Two simple colors, light orange and black where simplicity reveals the professionalism
  • Recyclable carton boxes have a beige stickers for desserts content and a light orange one for savory pizzas.
I opened the boxes one after the other where rich aromas activated all my senses. I knew that dinner was going to be exceptional on all fronts.
The wide choice of cravings:
  • Margheritta, Pepperoni, Turkey, Vegetarian, Four Cheese, Ham & Cheese rolls, Soujouk, Grilled Veggie rolls, Mexican, Chicken pesto, Meatball, Spinach & Caramelized onions, Caramelized nuts, Cheese cake, Nutella & Banana
Three minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees is all what's needed to enjoy those cups without losing any of their richness. Let me tell you a secret: heating the salmon for example will bring up more of the lemony flavors. As for the desserts, you will feel the chestnut and fine quality of the chocolate even more. The special edition, holiday specials:
  • Salmon Pizza 45,000L.L: (Salmon, dill, red peppercorn, emmental, lemon cream cheese mixed with smoked salmon) The exquisite taste opens up to a journey of happiness which starts with a simple bite. As your teeth plunge into it, the slight oiliness of the salmon followed by the thick white cheese caress your palate, while an interesting lemony aftertaste erupts. Excellent creation indeed. Doesn't the image say it all?
  • Thai Shrimp Pizza 45,000L.L: (Shrimp, emmental, onion, mushroom, red bell pepper, spicy ginger sauce) Yummy! Imagine: A perfectly cooked crunchy shrimp explodes as you bite into it to reveal its inner flavors while the juicy cheese and vegetable filing embraces this piece in style. A generous spicy aftertaste makes all the difference. You will find yourself smiling unconsciously!
  • Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Pizza 35,000L.L: (Prosciutto, goat cheese, caramelized onion and rosemary) WOW! Unbelievably awesome! A sweet aftertaste and a rich prosciutto covered with white cheese which adds the needed finesse. Bravo!
  • Chestnut Pizza 30,000L.L:  (Chestnut purée, chocolate ganache, gold sugar sprinkles) This is a must taste for sure before this special edition is discontinued. Just imagine the creativity behind this awesome little piece of heaven. Dark chocolate on top, a purée below mixing sweetness, bitterness and crunchiness of the dough with the fine decoration of gold sparkles. What a creation! You should have heard me moaning and smiling with joy and satisfaction. Can I suggest that you add it permanently on the menu?
  • Apple crumble Pizza 25,000L.L: (Apple, dried cranberry, golden crumb topping) One single dried cranberry decorates this goldfish creation,  fully loaded with the apple pie fillings. Close your eyes and enjoy!
The holidays special edition tasty discovery:
  • These pizzas are breathtaking
  • You don’t feel the dough. It's 1 to 2 millimeters
  • Crunchy on the sides and soft on the inside, the dough is just great: it cracks under your teeth while the rich filling melts like butter, activating all your taste buds
  • Richly filled in the middle, the pieces are worth more than 3,000L.L. The ingredients are really premium
  • All pizzas look colorful and beautiful to see and serve your guests. The pictures say it all
  • The brown wheat bread is superb. I even preferred it to the normal white one
  • Served in cooking paper, the pizza are easy to grab
  • The paper does not stick to the pizza and is easily thrown away
  • The desserts dough is different than the one used in the normal pizza. A cinnamon dough makes them a unique creation
What are you still waiting for? Order now, believe me... You won't be disappointed. PizzaCups  +961 79 188831





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