February 23, 2013

Prohibition Kit: Make Your Own Beer at Home

Distilling alcohol without a license is illegal in most countries in the world. However, many countries allow for the non-commercial brewing of a limited quantity of beer, wine, and mead in a process commonly known as home-brewing. While home-brewing is a hobby for many people across the globe, it is primarily carried out by poor people in developing nations as a cheap alternative to buying commercial alcohol, not to mention it is often stronger.


Francesco Morackini wanted to redesign a Tool with a long tradition, and use copper not for a decoration purpose but for its inner quality. This material has always been used for the construction of stills since ancient times. With the evolution of time and technologies new materials have been introduced such as stainless steel. However, old Europe will by no means exchange their copper stills. Because of its legislative issue, the Prohibition kit is deliberately a provocative project. Morackini want to question the people about the value and purpose of everyday products surrounding us. I propose another point of view to observe them. When are innocent products becoming illegal? What can those products do for us, or what do they do to us? Each can be used seperately - a fruit bowl, a cooking pot and a fondue heater...

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