November 14, 2014

Roadster Diner's Answer to Ministry of Health's Recent Claims

Roadster Diner confirms it's commitment to food safety and quality by releasing a detailed explanation of how they work to provide customers with the highest quality and food safety standards based on internationally recognized principles and practices....

"As a local food company, Roadster diner has one overarching purpose: to provide customers with the highest quality and food safety standards based on internationally recognized principles and practices. Each day, we aim to produce food that people love, while producing, marketing, and selling them safely and responsibly.

Our comprehensive and detail oriented processes and procedures are designed to ensure that our products comply with governmental regulations and our own strict quality and product safety standards. The quality and safety of all our products are not negotiable for Roadster diner.

Food Safety Certifications
Roadster diner is ISO 22000 certified since 2008 from SGS. With this certification, Roadster diner has a proven ability to monitor and control food safety hazards to ensure food is safe for consumption based on SGS surveillance audits and HACCP documentation reviews.

Certification is received from Switzerland, Geneva, and SGS auditors confirm that Roadster diner has established and maintained its management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard on a yearly basis.

Roadster diner is also certified from the Lebanese Association for Food Safety (LAFS) for all our branches.

Food Safety Management System
Roadster diner receives its products fresh on a daily basis and takes all the necessary control measures to prevent food safety hazards. We are constantly aware and involved in the day to day operations through HACCP record keeping involving receiving temperatures, storage temperatures, cooking temperatures, personal hygiene, and cleaning schedule. Additionally, we focus heavily on the cooking process for high risk foods to ensure the core temperature is maintained according to internationally set standards of temperature.

All items are tested according to Libnor standards, (i.e. in accordance with the Ministry of Economy and Trade), from ISO accredited laboratories in Lebanon. Food and water samples are regularly taken during receiving, production, and end products to ensure all levels of the supply chain are compliant with Libnor standards. Additional samples are taken for further verification, which include swab testing of employees, utensils, food contact surfaces, and equipment.

All samples taken are by experienced and certified food safety auditors using sterile containers and single use autoclaved utensils. The samples are labeled, and sealed, and immediately sent to accredited laboratories in cooled vans to ensure the temperature of our items is within acceptable range.

We verify our system on a monthly basis through certified food safety auditors internally and through third party auditors, including SGS and the Lebanese Association for Food Safety (LAFS) based on internationally recognized food safety standards.

Additionally, auditors from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economy and Trade regularly conduct visits to Roadster diner branches and results have indicated the highest standards in food safety.

Training on food safety is provided at all levels of the organization and covers basic food hygiene, and level 2, and level 3 Food Safety for supervisors.

Hands on trainings are also provided internally and through third party food safety auditors, LAFS, as we are always keen on the responsibilities towards food safety in our branches.

The quality and safety of all our products are a priority at Roadster diner and we remain fully dedicated to providing only the best of food products and services in Lebanon."

Jana Majzoub
Food Safety Manager/Roadster Team

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