August 24, 2015

Rural Delights Cooperative: Lebanese Village Products

Rural Delights cooperative (Atayeb Al Rif) is a non-profit organization and the hub of a network of 42 women-owned agricultural and artisanal cooperatives.

Rural Delights cooperative was established in 2002 and is the first cooperative specialized in marketing in Lebanon. The cooperative was established initially as a result of a USAID funded development program and aims at providing rural women in Lebanon with income generation opportunities. The program established food processing centers owned by women and that were linked to the newly formed Rural Delights Cooperative for marketing their produce. Since then, Rural Delights coop implemented numerous projects to enhance the women’s production and services marketed under our brand names as well as other projects to empower rural communities. 

Rural Delights cooperative strives to maintain the exquisite traditional food print of Lebanon by helping traditional producers become sellers by achieving high quality and production standards level.

Rural Delights coop specializes in traditional Lebanese food & “mouneh” that is totally free of any additives or preservatives as well as handmade handicrafts, crochet, accessories, soap and candles. Products include Jams and preserves, Pickles, Oil preserved foods, Herbs, Syrups, Distilleries, Sun dried products, Compotes, Hot sauces, pomegranate molasses, and sour grape.


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